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#EventProfs Staying in the Know - October 2017

Blair Pettrey

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October is quickly approaching, #eventprofs! These 7 websites are sharing insightful information for event professionals, and we wanted to pass it on to you!

1. What Twitter's 280 Character Count Update Means for #EventProfs

Twitter 280 character update

"...Perhaps Twitter will see new growth with the shift to increased character counts – or perhaps Twitter made a huge mistake taking a skimable platform and making it ‘just like the rest’. Either way, event professionals take note – you’ve got 140 extra characters to use!" Read more here

2. The Event Tech Bible. A New Chapter for Event Technology [Report + 1,001 tips]

The Event Tech Bible

"Event technology has changed events forever. Whether it is attendee-facing or planning tech, events are extremely different from what they looked a few years ago. We are witnessing some of the biggest changes in an industry that is living a second life."Read more (and grab your copy!) here.

3.  Millenial Event Trends You Shouldn't Ignore

Event Trends You shouldn't ignore

"To differentiate yourself from other events, you need to stay at the forefront of industry trends and innovation. Whether a big festival or an intimate wine tasting, you have to find a way to make your event original. In fact, 87% of food and drink event-goers claim that an event’s “uniqueness” helps determine whether or not they will attend — and uniqueness is crucial to differentiating any type of event..." Read more here.

4. The Best Questions to Ask Your AV Company For An Amazing Event

Best questions to ask AV for an amazing event

"Let’s face it unless you’re an AV pro, your quote may look confusing to you. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Make sure the AV company walks you through your quote! AV companies should be able to justify EVERY piece of equipment on the quote. They should also explain it all in layman’s terms. Far too often, AV companies just send you a quote and expect you to understand it (or maybe they hope you don’t and just go with it). Unless you have a lot AV experience under your belt, it’s hard to understand what every line means. It’s even harder to understand how it impacts the overall vision of your event..." Read more here.

5. 5 of the biggest problems plaguing large events today

biggest problems for large events

"1 – Dealing with the unwanted attention With success, comes attention. This is good news when it comes to promotion but not-so-great when it is used by others to promote their own agenda. For example, the workers of TMB, the main operator of the public transport in Barcelona, went on strike during GSMA 2016. For those who don’t know, the GSMA is one of (if not the) biggest congress of mobile technology in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world (yes, that’s hundreds of thousands) go to Barcelona during this week to do business. These professionals need to move back-and-forth throughout the city to make their deals so you can imagine how a lack of transportation can cause a bit of unrest...Read more here.


event planning courses

"If you’re passionate about planning events, you’ve probably considered an event planner career. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into this role, sometimes even more so with weddings – the most important days of your clients’ lives. It’s just not possible to enter the industry without some type of training, and we highly recommend obtaining an event planning certificate before jumping in." Read more here.

7. Email Marketing Strategies for Your Events

event email marketing strategies

"If you organize events of any kind, you should care about how many people you get through the door. It’s not a secret that a smart email marketing strategy is the best channel for reaching out to your target audiences. Let’s see how to build strategies that can draw crowds and invigorate your target event attendees." Read more here.