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The Innovative #EventProf - 4 Ways Successful #EventProfs Develop Success

Blair Pettrey

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With increased expectations from event attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors alike in the events industry – it seems that the natural solution seems to be offering ‘more, more, and more’.

However, this increase in services isn’t just specific to the events industry, or event technology providers. Amazon went from originally being ‘just’ an online bookseller to then becoming a marketplace for all sorts of goods and products. Amazon then becomes a competitor to an online auction site, eBay, by opening its virtual doors to individual sellers. Fast forward to 2017 – and Amazon is being recognized as Fast & Company’s most innovative company in the world. 

Yes, the once ‘can you believe it they are trying to sell books online’ website, is now home to millions and millions of products, has launched a grocery delivery service (Amazon Fresh), ships deliveries by drones, has Grammy award winning self-produced shows, a grocery store with no checkout lanes… and well the list of innovative  (and all over the spectrum of offers and solutions) that Amazon provides, is quite a feat.

But in a world of Amazon’s, Google’s, Facebook’s – or the world of events when every event professional is wanting to craft events, meetings and conferences that are more than just ‘must attend’ experiences (while having that constant reminder of ‘event budget’ looking over their head) – we wanted to share 4 tips to innovate as an event professional.

1. Improve What You're 'Good At'

Good isn't great - and there's always room for improvement. Event professionals who can learn to identify abilities and skills that they are good at - and perfect them - save not only time and money - but build their repertoire. 

We're not talking low totem poll skills - but rather the skills and talents event professionals have been able to 'almost master' - that with just a bit more training can master. 

Traditional training such as educational courses (check your local community colleges and universities for potential continuing education courses) or through online methods such as - the potential to master skills, that are truly valuable to master, is obtainable.

2. Know Your Weaknesses – (And don't be afraid to outsource)

Professionals in any industry often fall into the struggle of wanting to be a 'jack of all trades'. What that leads to is being a master of noneBeing able to identify tasks that one isn't 100% competent in - but knows that are valuable - proves worth in and of its self. 

Take a moment - and define the tasks that you know are important to increasing success for events - but aren't an expertise you have time to hone. (Think event marketing, A/V, mobile event app development, etc.)

3. Value Your Time

Going hand in hand with points 1 and 2, understanding one's value as an event professional is probably the most innovative task an #eventprofs can obtain. Knowing that you know 90% at XYZ and that it makes sense to 'master it' - vs. knowing you know 5-10% at ABC (but also know the value of it for events) and that learning to master ABC would cost more than your time and talents if utilized elsewhere.

At MeetingPlay - we often remind our clients that other event app companies may offer true 'Do it Yourself' apps - but the value loss is great. By working with dedicated account managers, and a team of seasoned event app developers and designers - the value and success of mobile event apps is far greater - and the time an event planner or meeting planner doesn't lose is used to execute success in other avenues they are masters in. 

4. Never Stop Learning

At MeetingPlay we focus heavily on the fact that event professionals work in an industry that requires them to never stop learning - and it's true. Continuous learning not only enhances the event professional - but it enhances the events they help execute. 

We've written some great tips on never stopping to learn:


In Conclusion

As an event professional, it's imperative to continue to hone your skills, abilities, and talents - whether it means learning or mastering a task or having the brave know how to outsource it. 
MeetingPlay's talented team of developers, designers, marketers, and seasoned experts are here to help every event professional create memorable experiences that attendees, venues, and sponsors alike rave about!
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