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How to Incorporate Videos Into Your Corporate Event


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Video killed the radio star, but it certainly increased audience engagement. Videos are one of the best tools to excite your prospects and attendees. Moving images, striking visuals, audible testimonials and highlights stimulate our senses and serve as a powerful form of communication. We’re here to walk you through event video ideas and encourage you to begin brainstorming on three different types of videos throughout the stages of your event.

Pre-Event Video Ideas

Pre-Event Video Ideas

A pre-event video should be part of your marketing campaign. Start the conversation during your initial marketing meetings. A video will make for a strong promotional tool to drive ticket sales and attendance. 

Hold a brainstorming session with your team to develop conference video ideas. We suggest a teaser type video to help your audience understand the value of attending. What will they learn? What will they takeaway? Include snippets of an interview with your guest speaker or with your CEO or Planner about what is to come! You can also include highlights from last year’s event. Are there a few attendee testimonials you can include? Clips of lively activities or presentations will give your prospects an idea of what to expect and will generate excitement. 

Videos During Your Event

There is so much opportunity to grab your guests attention during your event. It probably goes without saying that the social feed feature within event apps are a crowd pleaser. Have fun uploading videos to the feed and with playing videos on a social wall.

Conference Video Ideas

Host/MC video: Similar to a sporting event, have a host bounce around your event, visiting various booths/sessions and interviewing attendees. Show a live video of your host’s interactions on screens throughout the event. 

Augmented Reality: Computer generated images and videos are a key element of using AR at your event. Create welcome videos or educational videos with your speakers or company leaders and give your guests access to the videos by having them scan posters throughout the event, using their phones. This is also a great idea for gamification, specifically scavenger hunts

Live streaming: Needless to say, this feature will not be pre-recorded. Consider live streaming specific activities of your event. Or, take the idea a step further by creating a virtual studio. Create content that is specific to this special studio and with your live viewers in mind. 

Post Event Video

Event Video ExamplesExtend the life cycle of your event by creating a post event video. Remember that activity feeds are a great source of marketing content, created by your target demographic in real time. After your event, you can pull images, comments, and testimonials from your feed to use as marketing material. Create a video to showcase the popularity and success of your event. Include highlights, key takeaways and calls to action. 

Be sure to consider those who couldn’t attend while creating the video. Helping people understand what they missed will also help them understand what they’ll gain by attending next time. Encourage your viewers to share the video and remember to revisit this video when you’re creating your promotional material next year.

How Can MeetingPlay help?

Videos have become a necessary part of successful event planning and have the power to draw people in, keep their interest and even include them in on the action. They’re a direct and effective way to communicate to your audience and will generate more buzz before, during and after your event. 

At MeetingPlay we've deployed a variety of strategies to help and brainstormed new ideas to help clients get the most from videos. To talk it over with an expert or for more event video ideas, please feel free to schedule a free demo!

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