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5 Fantastic Florida Cities for Meetings and Events

Blair Pettrey

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Florida, Spanish for ‘land of flowers’, known to us ‘yankees’ as the place to retreat to during cold winter months, probably due in part to the fact it’s nicknamed the ‘Sunshine State’, the largest producer of citrus fruit in the United States and has more golf courses than any other state (just watch out for the alligators).

With that mouthful, how could an event professional not be intrigued to know about the wonders of Florida – or the numerous cities that are prime spots for hosting events! (And yes, we intentionally left out the mouse eats capital*).

1. Jacksonville, Florida Event Venues

Jacksonville event venues

Named after the 7th President of the United States, Andrew Jackson, Jacksonville is the most populated city in Florida (and happens to be the largest city in terms of area in the United States!). With a football stadium that has pool (yes, pool!) side seating, and beaches and riverfronts galore, Jacksonville is a beautiful and thriving spot with a plethora of magical event venues… just don’t count on public transportation of any variety.

Discover these event venues in Jacksonville, Florida:

Marconi Automotive Museum | 927 Events | Schultz Center

2. Miami, Florida Event Venues

Miami event venues

Rumor has it, MeetingPlay's CEO is from Miami, but we've yet to see the tan to prove it (though we do have amazing mobile event apps and meeting apps to thank Miami for!). But tans and pink surrounded islands projects aside, Miami is described by Time Magazine as "The Capital of Latin America", and is a popular destination because of its numerous beautiful beaches and vast nightlife. But there's more to Miami than it's miles and miles of beautiful sandy beach ways, or has the cruise port capital of the US. In fact, beyond the numerous shopping outlets and golf courses, event professionals can find a unique area of event venues perfect for their next event.

(Trivia fact: Miami is the only major American city founded by a woman - Julia Tuttle.)

Discover these event venues in Miami, Florida:

Epic Miami | Conrad Miami | Private Key Club

3. Tallahassee, Florida Event Venues

Tallahassee event venues

The state of Florida's capital, Tallahassee, is best known as the educational home of Florida. Home to schools such as Florida State University, and Florida A&M, we also hear you may see quite a few beautiful parks and gardens. As long as event professionals aren't throwing their events in the summer (it is one of Florida's hottest cities) this city is a prime hub for event and meeting venues. 

Discover these event venues in Tallahassee, Florida: 

The Space at Feather Oaks | The Gathering @ FSU | Governors Club

4. Naples, Florida Event Venues

Naples event venues

For the event professional who has a spare $40 million lying around, Naples Florida is a prime spot to consider moving to. For the rest - Naples is a beautiful and friendly city for meetings and events. Home of one of Florida's most beautiful and clean beaches, with the pristine white sand to prove it, Naples is also home to over 80 championship golf courses - giving it the self-titled name 'Golf Capital of the World'. 

When it comes to the beauty of Naples - the words are unable to describe it - so we'll just tell every event professional this: host your next event there!

Discover these event venues in Naples, Florida:

Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club | Naples Conference Center | Naples Grande 

5. Kissimmee, Florida Event Venues

Kissimmee event venues

This gem of a city may have popped up originally on our list merely because of how fun it is to say out loud. However, in addition to the cattleman (because after all, you have to be a real man to work cows in Florida), Kissimmee is a hot spot of unique event and meeting venues.  And if you want to do a breakout session, or your event attendees really want to go see land of mouse ears* - well it's only 15 minutes away. (Just make sure to check out MeetingPlay's AppAtlas app in full action at the Marriott Orlando World Center).

Discover these event venues in Kissimmee, Florida: 

Ramada Gateway | Maingate Lakeside Resort | The Bella Room

In Conclusion

Florida event venues lists

It's not that we don't love the clear water and white sand that attracts so many to Florida. Or those beloved mouse ears*, but Florida offers a host of cities and towns that made picking any number of our favorites for event professionals and the event venues, hard. If an event professional can't find the perfect venue in the above 5 Florida cities - cities like Destin, Panama City, Key West and more have wonderful event and meeting venues too! (But still, watch out for the alligators!🐊)

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