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Tech Savvy Planner Secrets (Whitepaper)


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We already know that mobile event apps are not only changing live experiences, they have become a critical tool for attendee engagement.

Mobile Event AppBut if you are using a mobile event app, how do you know you are using it effectively? And how do you know what features make the most sense to incorporate?

When meeting with our Customer Advisory Board earlier this year, many members mentioned two main challenges: 1) proving ROI of event apps to their stakeholders and 2) demonstrating the usefulness of enhanced features. We took this as a challenge to help solve and partnered with BizBash to survey meeting planners around how they use their event apps and whether they measure ROI. We asked questions like:

What features do you enable within your app?

How do you measure ROI?

Does your app feature sponsorship opportunities? 

Event Technology ROIWe surveyed a wide cross-section of planners and discovered interesting ways event organizers who use mobile apps for their events make use of these tools.  A few of our key findings are below, but this data was so rich, that we worked with BizBash to develop a white paper that presents a deep dive into these themes. You can download that paper here.

Meeting planner super-users

Of the group surveyed, a subset of “super-users” stood out. These are planners who spend more per event on apps and have developed techniques to make the most of their event app investments.

Enhanced features used by super-users

Event ROI Metrics All planners placed value in the standard process of ensuring their apps are loaded with the right event content to be useful to their attendees.  Most meeting planners also use push notifications and social walls.

The survey found that there are a number of event app features that are more popular with super-users. Want to know what they are? Download the white paper here.

App download challenges

While this doesn't tend to be an issue for MeetingPlay clients who typically see event app downloads in the 80-90% range, many meeting planners in the survey struggled with low app download percentages. We found strategies and insights in the survey that allowed us to develop solutions to this challenge. Since we see strong download numbers, we also shared suggestions based on successes we've had with our clients.

Measuring event tech ROI

Measuring Even Tech ROIThe meeting planners surveyed told us if and how they measure the ROI of their event apps (a surprising number did not). The whitepaper discusses how meeting planners are looking at event ROI metrics today but also offers ideas to help ensure you are seeing strong ROI numbers moving forward.

Download the all-new whitepaper, Tech Savvy Planner Secrets: How to Make the Most of Your Event App and find out if you're really making the most of your event app.

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