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How to Encourage New Technology Adoption at Your Next Event


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If utilized correctly, event apps will often serve as the most important piece to a successful event. You may have read about the Two Essential Steps to Increase Event App Adoption, where we highlighted that nearly half of event planners polled said that their attendees don’t understand how or why an event app will be useful. As planners, it’s our job to help our attendees understand why they should download and use the app. Let’s take a closer look at how to encourage event technology adoption at your next event:

Know your audience and what features will matter most to them

event technology adoptionKnow your audience and include features that serve a purpose. Planners should never use new or trendy tech just to appear cool, flashy or with the times. For example, we have many clients ask us about facial recognition or AR, and while it’s certainly important for planners to be in-the-know about emerging trends, these features aren’t the right solution for every meeting.

The use of technology in events should always serve a specific purpose that is relevant to your brand and audience. A planner’s first step is to understand the what technology will best suit your specific audience. 

Who does new and emerging technology serve?

use of new and emerging technology in events

Techies: This one goes without saying. Those who live and breathe the tech world will be chomping at the bit to see your latest features.

Meeting planners: If your attendees are meeting planners themselves, they need to stay on top of the latest trends and will appreciate learning about new ideas that they may be able to use.

Consistent audiences: If you hold several meetings with the same audience, they won’t find repeat technology very comforting, but rather boring. It’s important to keep it fresh so they remain engaged. 

What is the specific purpose of tried-and-true or basic features?

Some audiences don’t need the latest bells and whistles, however, the tech features that you offer should still serve a very specific purpose. For example, one of our clients, a large insurance company has an attendee base that wouldn't be suited for emerging tech trends but benefit greatly from the following:

Table assignments: Planners are able to organize and assign attendees to specific tables. The seating assignments are included in the attendee agenda. This is a more efficient approach for planners and also creates an easier flow for guests. Not only is the stress of determining where to sit removed but you can also give your attendees special networking opportunities.

Live voting: It boosts engagement and offers valuable feedback. Read more about how to make the most out of live polling here.

Departure notices: this is a personalized, streamlined delivery which collects and serves all travel information for an attendee. Details include airport, airline, departure time, luggage pick-up time, and hotel check-out information. 

How Can MeetingPlay help?

You will want to promote your app early on and encourage pre-event engagement. Event technology use should be handled strategically and communicating how and why features will work for your audience is key. Once attendees understand how the app will make their experience easier and/or more exciting, they’re likely to hit ‘download.’ We have lots of examples and suggestions of how to accomplish this. In fact, we have an above-industry-standard app adoption rate and are happy to share our learnings with you.

If you want to learn more about how MeetingPlay can help you encourage event app adoption — schedule a free demo with a MeetingPlay expert.

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