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The 40 Best Event Industry Blogs to Follow Now


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Staying up to date on event industry trends is vital to your success as an #eventprof. If you keep delivering the same-old same-old, you’re doomed to fail. It’s important to know what’s happening, what might be happening next, and what your competitors and peers are doing.

event industry trendsBut how do you balance that against your ever expanding to-do list and inbox full of unread messages? 

This task can be daunting. The idea of scheduling time to read through event industry studies and articles to stay informed of industry happenings - which we know will be helpful - is just not realistic for most.

Luckily, our friends at Endless Events have compiled a list of the 40 top industry blogs to follow, organized by key themes. Blog posts usually take just a few minutes to read and can include links back to longer form content to reference when you have time.

Just spend some time upfront with this list to determine which make the most sense for you and then set aside 15 minutes every other day to get caught up on the latest posts.

You’ll find Endless Event’s 40 Outstanding Event Industry Blogs to Follow here. 

They are all winners. Here are a few that stood out to us...

Endless Events

First things first, are you following Endless Events? If not, you need to be. They describe themselves as “the Einsteins of Events for AV and event production. So, our blog provides comprehensive and personality-packed articles with the latest tips, tricks, and trends for event planners to create more epic events with a focus on technical production.”

As long-time followers, that statement is absolutely true and we’ve found a lot of inspiration in their posts. 

Plus, they have the #EventIcons podcast every Wednesday at 5pm EST, which is well worth tuning in to. Last week, they broadcasted live from IMEX and had the top minds from the meetings/events industry sharing insights and knowledge. 

Event industry inspiration

Corbin Ball’s TechTalk

Corbin Ball’s TechTalk is another must-read. Did you know he was just inducted into the Events Industry Council Hall of Leaders? This award recognizes “the achievements of industry pioneers and emerging leaders who not only changed the landscape of the profession, but changed the culture of business as well.” It makes sense, as Corbin is super knowledgeable in the event space and is able to cleverly break down complicated concepts into easy-to-understand messages in his articles.

Event Tech Brief

Event Influencer MarketingWe just discovered Event Tech Brief (were we living under a rock?) thanks to Endless Event’s list and are so glad we did! The most recent article about influencer marketing merits a review - it’s a topic everyone was talking about coming out of IMEX and may be easier to execute than you would think.

And who’s that we see at #17? That’s right - MeetingPlay. But you already know that our blog is the cat’s pajamas.

Enjoy discovering all 40 on the list - and be sure to let us know which you favor, or if there are others you love that didn’t make this list.

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