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3 Ideas For Event Giveaways in 2020


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The right gift or giveaway is the cherry on top of a great event. But in today's world, any old branded trinket or keychain will fall flat. If you want to impress your guests, you have to give them what they really value. Read on for our three suggestions on how to delight attendees with the right giveaway this year.

Give the gift of giving

Event Giveaways DonationsAmericans give over $400 billion to charity every single year. Your event can tap into this drive to give, and your attendees will thank you for it. Does your company work with any charities that are in line with your brand and mission? Create a donation booth to make it easy for your guests to donate. Don’t forget to look into mobile giving during your planning stages to make it seamless. Show attendees the impact of their donation with examples. 

You can also use this booth to register guests for environmental events down the line. Are you and your team members already planning to attend a community clean-up next month? Encourage your attendees to register right then and there

Consider tying donations and giving to your event activities. For example, you can offer to donate $1 for every match that is made through networking. Or, donate a lump sum to a charity on behalf of your scavenger hunt or contest winners. 

Give the gift of sustainability

Event Giveaway Sustainability

Attendees are increasingly environmentally conscious. If you prefer for your guests to leave with a tangible gift, make it an environmentally friendly one. Attendees will thank you for it, and so will the planet! Here are some popular options:

• Reusable water bottle
• Reusable straws
• Swag that supports a cause
• Solar device charger
• Eco-friendly tote bag
• Branded seed packets (planting seeds is a feel-good activity; it’s good for the earth               and it will be a lasting reminder to check-in with such a positive company or brand)

Remember that many vendors offer ethically sourced products. Check them out! Get the conversation started to better understand their responsible approach. You can also let your attendees know how their experiences and/or giveaways support planet earth. Spreading this feel-good energy and awareness will generate a positive buzz around your brand.

Give a memorable experience instead

Event Giveaways Memorable Experience

Millennials make up a growing share of attendees, and studies show that when it comes to lifestyle choices, they are more likely to value meaningful experiences than material objects. This demographic will be happier with a memorable experience (and a photo of one, too), so keep this in mind when considering giveaways. 

Experiences can range from a scavenger hunt or contest to a wellness class such as meditation or yoga. Does an activity centered around food align with your event goal? Bring in a favorite local food truck or create a mini cooking class or mixology lesson. If you can source from local farmers and chefs, even better! This is a win-win, as your attendees gain something during the event and leave with the know-how to do it again at home! 

You can also consider a big ticket item or raffle giveaway for a post-event experience. A gym membership, get-away package or dinner at a local restaurant will all generate a special and memorable experience for your attendees. 

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