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19 Event Giveaway Ideas to Take Your Event to the Next Level


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Everyone is networking. The food is delicious. The speakers and presentations are all hits. People are having a blast.

Your event sounds great! But there’s one ingredient missing: giveaways. The right conference gifts for attendees are the cherry on top, supporting your overall marketing campaign, fitting with your budget and delighting your audience. We’ve compiled a list of tasteful conference giveaway ideas to consider for your next event, broken down into trending categories.

Tech accessories

Event Giveaway Tech Accessories

Hopefully you’re planning a top-notch app for your event, and attendees will be blown away by its awesomeness. Take your tech prowess to the next level with technology-related giveaways. These offer immediate, usable brand exposure, and can also drive more visits to sponsor booths. Consider the following:

1. Phone (or other mobile device) chargers

2. Webcam covers

3. Smart wallets

4. Pop socket media stands

5. Car accessories (we recommend a dual USB charger. Everyone could use an extra one         of these!)

Environmental and sustainable goods

Conference giveaway ideas: Environmental and sustainable goodsGo green. Promote your brand and environmental efforts and values all at once. Every little bit helps and gifting reusable products and items made with recycled materials can make a major difference. Lots of vendors offer ethically sourced products. Check them out! Get the conversation started to better understand their responsible approach. You can also let your attendees know how their new treasures support planet earth. Spreading this feel-good awareness will simultaneously generate positive buzz around your brand.

6. Solar device charger

7. Reusable water bottle (reusable straws are a cool option, too)

8. Reusable shopping bag or lunch tote

9. Branded seed packets (planting seeds is a feel-good activity; it’s good for the earth               and it will be a lasting reminder to check-in with such a positive company or brand)

Conference swag ideas: WellnessWellness

Being health conscious isn’t just a trend, it’s a lifestyle that’s here to stay — one that more and more people are creating and maintaining. Similar to environmental giveaways, health-conscious gifts motivate, engage and energize people.

10. Yoga mat

11. Fruit infused water bottle

12. Stress reducing items such as aromatherapy oils

13. Gym bag

14. Lip balm (while a quality lip balm can certainly enable healthy puckers, this suggestion         is more about being useful to your audience. As mentioned above, conference swag             ideas that are actually used by your guests will go a long way.)

Adventure and seasonal items

Going on an adventure or spending a relaxing time in nature tends to make people feel alive, inspired and exhilarated. These are all positive associations for your brand and or your mission. Consider seasonal items so that attendees can utilize them and spread awareness right away!

Adventure and seasonal items Conference gift ideas for attendees

15. Picnic or throw blanket

16. Flip flops or beach towel

17. Bottle opener

18. Camping gear

19. Cooler bag

Some final thoughts

You can also consider a big ticket item or raffle giveaways to drive visitors to your sponsors' booths. Home speakers, a bicycle or gym membership are great ideas. We encourage you to sit down with your team for a few brainstorming sessions. Don’t be afraid to get creative. If your conference gift ideas are of good quality, useful to your audience and support your marketing plan, you’re in good shape!

And remember, if all else fails, people love to eat! Sometimes branded snacks or Instagram-worthy cupcakes or donuts will do the trick. 

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