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    How to Send the Perfect Post-Event Email

    You planned and executed a one-of-a-kind event. All of the attendees had an unforgettable experience. You hit it out of the park!

    But the job isn’t done quite yet.

    After the event, you still want to gather valuable feedback, keep engagement high and lock-in future attendees. To do so, you need to send the perfect post event follow up email. Here are 7 tips to help you do just that.

    1. Start planning early

    Event Follow UpDon’t let the post event follow up get lost in the post-event shuffle. Add it to your overall email marketing plan in advance. Make a schedule for your email blasts and outline the types of emails and content you want to send.

    Immediately after the event is best (from 24 hours after the event up to a week, maximum). The idea is to catch your attendees before they get too bogged down with playing catch-up and returning to daily life.

    2. Segment your lists

    With today’s email providers, it’s easy to separate your email lists into targeted segments or categories. That way, you can separate those who attended and those who didn’t, and send more effective emails. Brainstorm what you’d like to communicate to different segments of your audience:

    • Attendees: those who came
    • No shows: those who said they’d come but didn’t
    • No responses: those who did not respond to the invitation

    3. A/B test

    Post Event Follow Up

    If you have the bandwidth, A/B tests are a good way to measure what’s working and what isn’t. Use your event follow up email as an opportunity to test factors such as subject line, graphics and messages.

    3. Give thanks

    Your attendees traveled, paid, sacrificed time from their home, office and loved ones. They participated and helped spread the word (hopefully!). Knowing that they’re valued is important and expressing gratitude goes a long way. Open your email with a sincere thank you.

    4. Include a survey

    Event Follow Up EmailPost-event survey answers will provide valuable insights on your attendees’ satisfaction and can help you improve your next event. However, with the wrong approach, this could get you nowhere fast. Be sure to check-out our suggested 14 Questions to Ask in your Post-Event Survey.

    5. Share relevant and promised content

    Did you promise your guests specific content during the event? Now is the time to send it. Share highlights of your event including photos and video. Don’t forget to link to your social media where you can, and tag guests and give shout outs. This will keep your audience engaged and the buzz alive!

    Post Event Follow Up Email

    Tip: for help on how to repurpose event content, check out this post.

    6. Announce upcoming events

    Let your attendees know about your upcoming events and give them a sneak peak on what they can expect. It will be especially helpful if you can include a date.

    How Can MeetingPlay Help?

    Remember, the goal of event follow up is to maintain engagement and help make your next event even more successful. Collecting feedback, encouraging further social media participation and keeping your audience in-the-know will go a long way. To learn more about event tech strategy — and how get the most out of your next event app — schedule a free demo and talk it over with a MeetingPlay expert!

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