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Event Engagement vs. Meaningful Event Experiences

Blair Pettrey

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There’s quite a bit of hype around the term ‘engagement’ when it comes to events. 2016 was the year of Event Engagement – every event professional wanted to make sure their event was engaging, and that they had an engagement platform-based mobile event app.

2016 Was All About Engagement at Events

That’s not to say that 2017 isn’t about engagement – however, there is something beyond engagement that leads to successful events, and that is the basis of true success when it comes to event apps: creating meaningful experiences.

Meaningful Experiences within Event Mobile Apps

When MeetingPlay released our Generation 3 versions of our event apps, our goal was to create a truly personalized experience for each app user.  We knew that by starting with a personalized experience, we would be able increase the adoption and usage rates for each event.

Personalization Algorithm in Event Apps

By creating a custom event experience for attendees each time, they experience content that is most relevant and applicable to them every time they log in. Our Gen3 personalized home pages help users to interact, engage, and receive the information that they want, when they want it. Whether they are most interested in an event's social media and conversation walls, sharing photos, event agendas, or networking with the right people throughout the event – MeetingPlay Gen3 users have unique, personalized experiences.

Personalization Enables Meaningful Event Experiences

Let’s face it – you can’t create a meaningful mobile event app if no one uses the app.  By increasing personalized experiences within our Gen3 event apps, we’ve seen user engagement and participation within the app increase to over 70% on average. Couple that with MeetingPlay’s already higher than industry average app adoption rate (initial download rate), and events are seeing far higher success numbers than ever before.

With increased app downloads, app usage, and app engagement, there is more opportunity for event attendees to interact with each other, decide who exactly they want to connect with at the event (and even make pre-planed meetings), and other valuable experiences.

Meaningful Experiences Increase On-Site Engagement & Post-Event Engagement

When event planners create meaningful experiences as a precursor to the event through their mobile event apps, they are setting the stage for continued engagement. On-site engagement through features, such as gamification and live surveys and polls, increases.

Additionally, after the event, attendees can continue to engage and reflect upon important notes taken during the event through the app, or by syncing their notes from meetings to their email platforms or lead retrieval.

In Conclusion

Event engagement won’t ever die – but perhaps, in 2017, it is time that we shift our focus from event engagement to what matters (and ultimately is the goal of any event), and that is creating meaningful event experiences. New Call-to-action