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Is Your Event Attendee App Giving You the Service You Need?


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There’s no doubt that event apps are taking events to the next level using innovative technology. But successfully integrating a custom mobile app into your event takes more than state-of-the-art technology. If you apply your app incorrectly, you could see lackluster results and undermine your investment.

To achieve the full benefits of an event attendee app, you need to understand how to apply it to your event and bolster your goals. That’s where your event app provider needs to step in.

MeetingPlay understands the importance of teamwork. Our account management team can help you enhance your event and add more value to your business. When you work with our team, we:

  • Learn about your business and your event goals
  • Help you understand the value of our app and its features
  • Collaborate with you on the best app features for your event
  • Help you customize your app to meet the needs of your attendees
  • Provide ongoing, 24/7 support throughout your event
  • Help you save time and headaches while planning your event
  • Create a plan for the development and execution of your event app

You shouldn’t have to manage the process alone. As you can see, MeetingPlay offers white-glove service to help you get the most out of your event app.

We’re standing by to help you fine-tune your event app and enhance your event for everyone involved. Here’s what our comprehensive service means for you:

  • You’ll spend less time setting up your app
  • Your attendees, vendors, and sponsors will see more value
  • You’ll create more buzz and attraction for your event
  • Your app will reflect your brand and support your goals
  • You’ll rest easy knowing you’re in good hands the day of your event

When you combine next-level technology with extraordinary service, everyone wins. Your attendees will be more engaged from start to finish. Your sponsors and vendors will see more traffic and generate more leads. Most importantly, you’ll be able to improve your business, experience less stress, and create a remarkable event.

Don’t settle for less support than you deserve. Reach out to us to experience our personalized service for yourself.


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