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How to Show the Value of Your Event App (and Increase Downloads)


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Our recent whitepaper developed following a survey of meeting planners, Tech-Savvy Planner Secrets, digs into some of the common challenges planners face when using event technology. One major insight is that 40 percent of survey respondents thought their attendees don’t understand why downloading an event app is worthwhile. The lesson here: it doesn't matter how much cutting-edge technology you pack into your app if you don't market it well. The key to a successful event app download rate is to prove how event apps provide value. Let's take a look a few ways to demonstrate why attendees should download your app.

How event apps provide value

Ask your attendees what they want

What do your attendees find valuable? This question is a great place to start. And there’s no better way to answer it than to ask them directly via a survey. Ask attendees what features they like, which ones they are using, and which ones – presented from a list, which can be drawn up with assistance from your app technology provider – they would like to see at the next event.

Market the benefits, not the technology

Event App Benefits Marketing

When you're creating promotional emails, social posts, etc. for your app, don't just say, "download the app, with new features." Get specific about the benefits. Will the app make it easier to make quality connections? Will there be a game that everyone else will be playing? Talk about the tangible benefits, and people will understand why they should download.

Refresh and renew your features

Sometimes just keeping things fresh is incentive enough. When you add new app features, or add new functionality to existing features, you have an automatic reason to talk to your users about your app's value. Consider the features super-users already incorporate into many of their event apps: real-time polling, interactive maps, matchmaking, and session check-in provides a digital record of attendance.

Emphasize the exclusive experience

Exclusivity is a powerful motivator in marketing. In your promotional materials, make sure you emphasize features that only app users can take advantage of, like gamification, live polling, quizzes, surveys and push notifications (that keep you up to date on changes or other pertinent info during the event).

Incentivize your attendees

Value of Event App incentivize the attendeesSometimes you have to resort to the carrot and the stick. The “carrot” could be a contest for app users – perhaps for a coupon code to register at a discounted rate for the next event, or for slot in a popular, sold-out breakout session. Alternatively, you can use gamification to encourage app use, awarding points for downloading, posting to the social wall, etc.

Nearly half (46 percent) of the users in our survey chose the "stick" approach: shifting to a paperless format. That way, attendees have to download and use the app in order to access program content.

Choose a technology provider who’s a partner (not just a developer)

Choosing of Technology provider for Event App ValueA good app developer will be able to help an event organizer articulate and promote the value proposition the app offers attendees. This can make the difference between having a good product and having a product attendees will remember even after the event has finished.

How Can MeetingPlay Help?

You put a lot of your time into your app — it would be a major missed opportunity if attendees didn't see any event app value. A good app provider will not only be able to help you build the right features, they’ll also help you come up with ways to market them to your audience. To learn more about taking your event app and marketing strategy to the next level, contact us for a demo!

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