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Attendees Most Frequently Asked Event App Questions


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Your new app is intuitive, easy to use and full of useful features. Before launch, you sent out an email with instructions on how to download (and reasons why attendees should download).

You’re all set, right?

Well, not quite. No matter how perfect your app and your promotions, attendees will still have questions. Because MeetingPlay offers onsite support for events, our travel directors are on the front end of these types of questions. Below is a list of the ones we get asked the most, so you can prepare for them ahead of time. When you anticipate questions like these — and come prepared with answers — the whole experience will be much smoother for everyone. 

How do I log into the app? Where do I go in the App Store or Google Play?

frequently asked event app questionsYou probably sent out a pre-event email with this info. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to have staff prepared to help with the initial download. You can distribute print outs with steps on how to download. To be more eco-friendly (one benefit of having an app is to save on printing), you can bring one laminated sheet of directions. Better yet: bring an iPad that lists the instructions, or a staff member who can download the app for them.

Where do I find my Apple ID and password?

You may want to mention in the pre-event email that the attendees will need their App store or Google Play login information in order to download the app.

event app securityThis is not information the planner or onsite support can get on the attendees behalf. Thankfully, Apple just made it easier to find this information. Simply go to your Apple ID page and select “Forgot ID” or “Forgot Password.” There are a few steps the attendee will have to take, but it’s based on their information so they’ll need to do it themselves.

Why won’t the app open?

When we get this question/feedback, it’s usually related to wifi. An attendee might be on the conference wifi, but when they go up to their hotel room, they switch over to their room’s wifi. When they come back to the meeting the following day, they are still on the guestroom network; it looks like they are on wifi but the coverage is weak. This is a simple switch. To help avoid this question, you might send out a push notification first thing on day two to remind attendees to get on the conference wifi.

Can you print a new badge for me? I lost (or forgot) mine.

event app user questions on printing new badgeThis is a common and simple task, and takes just a few minutes. If we aren’t onsite to take care of it, we send pre-printed badges with blank stock and access to the client app admin. Our account managers conduct training sessions to explain how to do to re-prints.


I can’t scan this QR code!

event app QR Code scanningChances are, you’ll be using QR codes for attendees to scan badges. Often, we get this question because an attendee denied the app access to the camera without realizing it. This can easily be adjusted in the app settings on their phone.

Where do I…? (asking about a specific app feature)

We get lots of questions about specific features, so it’s a good idea to make sure you have staff who understand the app’s capabilities and can help direct attendees. All of the features will be listed in the app navigation, so they should be easy to find, but some attendees sometimes need additional explanation. This might be another opportunity for push notifications on day one or the morning of day two, alerting attendees about unique features, where to find them and how to use them.

What’s the WIFI password?

This is probably the most frequently asked event app question of all! Printing wifi details on every badge is always a good idea.

How long are presentations and the notes I take duration of presentation and notes in the app eventavailable in the app after the event?

If attendees are able to download presentations from the app, and if they can access notes taken in the app, ask your app provider how long they will be available before the event starts.

Event planning is all about putting yourself in your attendees’ shoes, and delivering an awesome experience. Anticipating event app user questions is a great way to start. For more insights on how to deliver an awesome day-of experience, check out our blog article on the subject, or contact one of our experts for a demo!

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