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People often ask us about mobile event app customization. Sometimes this question refers to the look and feel of a mobile event app, but it's most often about which app features can be customized. The truth is that many features can be customized, but they don't all need to be - it really depends on what type of meeting you are hosting and what you want to accomplish through the app.

How Do You Know Which Features You Need?

customize event appUsually when we receive an RFP, it includes a laundry list of required features. While this is a good starting point, what we often find is that this list of requirements changes following a discussion with our team. This is because at MeetingPlay, we take a consultative approach when working with clients, first gaining a clear understanding of the goals of the event, and then suggesting the right features and customization options that will work for that event.

If you've had a similar experience of staring at a long list of features, but aren't sure which are right for your event, read on – we have some suggestions to help you with a customized event app.

Consider Your Goals

Start with the purpose of your meeting. Are you looking to bring diverse groups together? Are you looking to disseminate a significant amount of information? Or are you doing a new product rollout? The features best suited for each of these purposes might be different.

When meeting planners come to us, it's usually with one (or a few) of the following goals:

-To share information: Often this is a more formal group where there's no need to be flashy, rather, the meeting content is the most important feature.

-To personalize the attendee experience: At a large conference, it may be necessary for each individual's app to reflect his or her personal needs and goals for the meeting.

Customize Event App -  Consider Your Goals-To foster networking/teambuilding: These meetings usually take place following a company reorganization or merger, when you are bringing different groups from within an organization together, or when you are bringing different clients/customers together.

-To conduct training/for a road show: For these types of meetings, event planners are usually seeking to go paperless and provide a central, digital location for handbooks, quizzes, and other resources. Attendees need to be able to access information quickly and easily.

customize event app-To be innovative: Depending on the host company's industry or the makeup of the attendees, it may be important to be seen as on the cutting edge of emerging technology.

-To roll out a new product: Aside from needing to educate attendees, planners usually want to generate buzz around these meetings to get the audience excited about the product.

For each meeting goal, there's a list of standard features we would suggest, along with enhanced or customized options. With mobile event app customization comes additional costs, so you'll want to be upfront with your budget. This way, your app provider can put together the best possible solution to meet your needs while working within your budget.

The MeetingPlay Difference

Our process always starts with learning the goals of the event; from there, we work with our clients to help them understand which features will help them reach those goals. We also share examples of different apps we've created before that have solved for the same needs.

We've launched thousands of event apps, and each one is unique. With this experience, we will put our best practices to use for you, as well as share fresh ideas. And once we've heard more about your goals, we can work with you to provide suggestions on the exact features you should consider.

Download our ebook How MeetingPlay Takes Event App Customization to the Next Level by clicking here. This will give you greater insights into the types of features that might make sense given your meeting goals. If you are ready to see how MeetingPlay can help, contact us today.



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