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Embrace The Mobile Movement | MeetingPlay

Blair Pettrey

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There is no doubt that we have been in a technology boom for years.  It seems there is a newer version of phones, computers, and tablets coming out while you are just polishing up your skills on what is now considered the “older version.”  Cell phone usage is also growing exponentially.  Cell phones have become part of the “must have at all times” category that also includes your wallet and keys.  In fact, 90% of American adults have a cell phone.  Even crazier, 67% of cell phone owners find themselves checking their phone for messages, alerts, or calls – even when they don’t notice their phone ringing or vibrating.  People just like looking at their phones…all the time!

As an event planner, where does this technology craze come into play?  Well, we know you don’t want your attendees to be distracted on their phones during conference time, checking emails, Facebook, or maybe looking for that message that isn’t even there.  Instead, events need to embrace this mobile movement and give them something to do on their phones.   It might not be the first thing that pops in your mind when your planning a conference, but just think…If everyone brings their phone everywhere they go, we could turn that phone from a possible distraction into a tool to help enhance and engage attendees experience.  But how?

There are lots of ways that a mobile app can benefit your conference.  Lets take a look at a few.

ARS (Audience Response Systems)

Audience response systems are a perfect way to engage the audience with a speaker.  Live polling allows the speakers to ask questions to the audience and then see immediate results to show the crowds responses.  ARS also allows for the audience to ask the speaker questions through our mobile app, which will pop up live directly to the speaker.  It’s great way to get questions from any size group without having to run around with microphones and looking for hands popping up.  It’s also a perfect way to let your audience know when they can use their phones and when they need to be off.


Conferences bring people together.  A mobile app can help encourage those people to connect with each other.  Through Meeting Play’s networking functions, it allows attendees to make connections with other attendees, which saves contact information for them to have.  You can view all the connections you made at a conference and import them right to your contact list once the conference is over with.  Have something that connects you specifically or maybe you talked about a future endeavor with some one you wish to remembe?  Simple, by taking notes under someone’s profile, it will link that specific note to the persons profile whenever you view it.


People like sharing experiences.  Whether it’s a photo of friends or somewhere they’ve gone, something they found interesting, or just expressing how fun they had doing something.  Why not take this buzz that everyone is spreading and base it around your conference?  Meeting Play’s app allows attendees to share photos, comment on the app wall, and more all within the app.  Let the attendees get word around to how great a speaker was, or show how beautiful the ballroom was and how delicious the food was, all within our app. 


The mobile movement is here.  People are going to be on their phones.  Instead of restricting people of their wants, give them something new and fun to get excited about that will make your conference the best one possible. Upgrade your attendee’s experience rather then keeping the “older version” of your conference.