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How to Customize Your Mobile Event App in 6 Steps

Blair Pettrey

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At MeetingPlay + Aventri, we take pride in being a premier event app provider. For us, this means designing and building a highly engaging app that’s completely customized to your needs. Read on to find 6 ways MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps can be tailored to your event.

1. Event branding

We understand that it’s imperative that the look and feel reflects your brand values as well as the overall theme and/or mood of the event. MeetingPlay allows you to customize logos, brand colors, fonts, images and beyond. This customization helps create a seamless experience between brand awareness, on-site experience and event app.

2. Select agenda featuresMobile App Agendas

Customized agendas increase the likelihood that attendees will find sessions they love. MeetingPlay’s tailored agendas can include multiple tracks with multiple sessions and can be as specific to include tags, educational areas, speakers, topics and more. Our agendas are especially useful for large events with multiple sessions and tracks, enabling guests to create their own perfect experience.

Taking it a step further, you can also set up parent-child relationships, show session capacity, set up sub-tracks, and even include meeting scheduling as part of your event app agenda.

3. Tone and voice

Mobile App ResourcesSpeaking to your audience in a unified voice and tone is important. Specific verbiage can be altered throughout to match the message you’re trying to communicate. For example, if you prefer to refer to your attendees as “delegates,” and your exhibitors as “vendors,” we’ll customize these terms across the board.

As an example, in the image on the left, instead of using "Attendees" in the navigation, the language was customized to be more specific to how the company typically referred to their employees. This was immediately recognizable to attendees and was more reflective of the overall company branding. 

4. Content-rich profiles

Custom, content-rich profiles for speakers, attendees and vendors are all easy to create in MeetingPlay apps. As the planner, you can vet exactly how much customization you want to allow for each profile type. For example: because guest speakers are often a huge draw for attendees, you may want to allow full biographies and company information in their profiles, whereas an attendees’ or event professional’s profile may be limited to a headshot and job title.

As a bonus, guests also have the option to take notes on speaker profiles and select “favorites” for quick and easy access at a later point.

5. Attendee matchmakingMobile App Session Information

Networking networking networking. It’s the biggest reason guests show up. But when an event has over 20k+ attendees, it’s impossible for your guests to sort through every profile. That’s why we developed a customized matchmaking algorithm to make it both easy and fun.

Event planners can help each attendee define their specific event goals (i.e. linking buyers with sellers) by asking as few questions upon initial login. This information is reflected in each attendees’ profile and our proprietary algorithm creates the perfect match. Best of all, attendees can avoid missing the chance to connect by scheduling meetings from within the app. By incorporating Beacon Technology, attendees can also be alerted when a match is nearby.

6. Content matchmaking

MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps allow you to suggest personalized content, including sessions, speakers and more. Similar to the attendee matchmaking service, you can prompt attendees with a few questions at initial log-in. Attendees are then served up the most relevant and of-interest session suggestions based on their responses.

This is especially useful for large conferences with many sessions and tracks, increasing session attendance and saving time. Plus, it’s engaging attendees in positive and memorable ways, as it may encourage them to attend a session that they would have otherwise missed.

You want your attendees to get the most out of your event and talk about it for years to come. Whether large or small, a customized app will go a long way toward your event’s goals. Customization can also help you create unique sponsorship opportunities, internal and external linking, custom gamification and more.

Want to learn more about our full suite of custom event technology solutions and how MeetingPlay will help WOW attendees at your next event? Drop us a line or request a demo!