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    Customizing the MeetingPlay Event App

    When evaluating mobile event app options, it's important to consider your needs. The level of customization available within each event app platform varies; some offer minimal changes while others allow event professionals to have completely customizable event app experiences.

    At MeetingPlay, we pride ourselves on being a premier white glove solution for events and meetings. For event professionals, that means a truly unique event app. For attendees, it means an amazing event engagement.

    To help you better understand, we are sharing 6 ways MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps can be customized.

    1.) Event Branding.

    When attendees engage with a mobile events app, it is imperative that the look and feel of the event app reflects the mood of the event.

    MeetingPlay allows meeting and event planners to customize logos, colors, fonts, pictures, default experiences, and more.

    This level of customization creates a seamless experience between what attendees see on site and within the mobile event app.

    2.) Select Agenda Features

    Custom agenda formats give attendees more ways to find sessions that meet their needs.

    Agendas can include multiple tracks with multiple sessions. The agendas can also be customized by tags, educational areas, speakers, topics, and more.

    These agendas are perfect for larger events with multiple sessions and tracks and create ample opportunities for attendees to get the most out of the event.

    3.) Custom Verbiage

    In all aspects of the mobile event apps that MeetingPlay develops, verbiage can be altered to match the meeting’s audience and event’s needs.

    Prefer to call attendees delegates? No problem! Would your event rather have exhibitors be called vendors? Can do. All content within the mobile event app can be completely customized to match the needs and goals of the event.

    4.) Rich Profiles

    Custom, rich profiles are available in MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps for speakers, attendees, and exhibitors.

    These profiles allow speakers and exhibitors to stand out and allow attendees to learn more about other attendees.

    MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps allow event professionals to vet exactly how much they want profiles to be customized and select what information can be shared in profiles.

    For example, for speakers, it may make sense to allow full biographies and company logos to be included in their profiles, while for attendees, event professionals may choose to limit profiles to a headshot and job title.

    (Bonus: Also available in MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps is the option for attendees to take notes on speaker profiles, as well as select favorites - allowing for a quick and easy return at a later time.)

    5.) Attendee Matchmaking

    When an event has 20k+ attendees, it’s impossible for attendees to go through every attendee profile and find out with whom they should connect or network.

    That is why MeetingPlay developed our customized matchmaking algorithm that makes attendee networking smart and easy.

    Instead of searching through 20k attendees’ profiles, event planners can develop predefined goals (i.e. matching buyers with sellers) and ask attendees a few questions upon their first log in to the event app.

    After the attendees' profiles are updated to reflect their responses, our proprietary algorithm matches attendees, ensuring the best connections are made on site.

    (Bonus: MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps can allow attendees to schedule meetings with other attendees and/or vendors, ensuring time and availability for connecting and information discovery, AKA avoiding having to wait in a long line to talk with a specific exhibitor).

    6.) Content Matchmaking

    When Netflix created their custom algorithm for content suggesting, MeetingPlay saw a case-use for our mobile event apps. We knew we wanted to provide a similar experience for attendees within their event apps.

    And we have!

    MeetingPlay’s 4th Generation of mobile event apps provides meeting and event planners an opportunity to include this  personalized content to their attendees.

    Attendees answer a handful of questions when they first open their event apps and are then served up the most relevant (and of-interest) content based on their responses.

    I.E., for larger conferences with many different tracks and sessions, attendees can discover the sessions that would be of most interest to them without having to dig through each individual session to find out which they want to attend.

    This content matchmaking saves attendees time, helps expand awareness of sessions they may have not otherwise discovered, and can lead to increased session attendance.



    Whether an event is large or small, the experience and opportunities available within our event apps can be customized to reflect the goals of each event.

    And, in addition to the custom opportunities explained above, MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps can create unique sponsorship opportunities, internal and external linking capabilities, custom gamification experiences, and much more.

    Want to learn more about our full suite of custom event technology solutions and how MeetingPlay can help WOW your next event? Drop us a line or request a demo here.

    Here’s to successful events!

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