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Email tips for your next event invite


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How many emails do you breeze past each morning? Tons, right? Such is the case for your potential event goers. This is why your event email invitation must grab and hold their attention. We’ve studied which event invite email examples have worked best and have outlined how to achieve the best results.

Subject line

Event invite wordingYour subject line should be specific, yet succinct. We encourage you to evoke a sense of urgency and/or personalization in your subject line as both are engaging. This is an important part of the puzzle so be sure to give yourself the time and space to brainstorm on the right subject line. 

Email copy

Skip all the fluff. Don’t overwhelm your readers with unnecessary content and strive to use minimal text. Your event invite wording should be brief and informative. Include important logistics such as location, date and time as well as the main focus or a highlight of your event, such as your guest speaker.

On brand

Corporate event email inviteWhether a corporate event email invite or boutique agency invite, your email is representative of your company’s brand. Ensure that the content of your email is unique and consistent to your brand aesthetics and guidelines. Doing so will create a clear and cohesive experience for your readers. 



Events are celebratory! Your email invite can be upbeat and fun as long as it is pleasing to the eye and simple. Keep it clean and easy to digest. 

Additional content

event invite email additional contentAs mentioned, you don’t want to bombard your readers with too much or unnecessary content. However, including a video can be super engaging. Consider adding a video featuring your speaker or highlighting the education that your guests will receive by attending. We also suggest including testimonials from previous events. 

Call to action

In an event email invite, the most common call to action is to register for the event! Create a big button with a happy color and clear call to action. Place it at the top and/or bottom of your email.


A/B Testing for Invitation email for event

Utilize A/B testing when it comes to subject lines, videos and even sender addresses. (We suggest sending your event email invites from an address that will be familiar to your readers, such as your company name rather than a planner’s personal name.) You may also want to test segmented emails to those who’ve attended your events in the past. Be sure to record your results. 

How Can MeetingPlay help?

Use these tips to create an email invitation with thoughtful design, direct communication and a clear call to action. Have fun creating a few templates and testing them out. And don’t forget to track your results! 

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