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The Most Common Questions We Get From Planners, Part 2


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Previously, we shared the four most common questions we get from clients about event apps. These questions were generally geared toward planners who are new to launching apps or working with us. At MeetingPlay, we also frequently work with repeat clients and planners who are more experienced with event technology. We've noticed some common points in many of these conversations, and we're sharing them here. Chances are, if you're a planner curious about MeetingPlay (or apps in general), these frequently asked questions will be relevant and helpful for you.

What's possible with your app?

Experienced planners don’t wonder how apps work — they wonder how to take their app to the next level. We love getting this question, because with MeetingPlay’s technology, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few examples of what’s possible.


Event Gamification Scavenger HuntIf an event is in danger of becoming stale, gamification can help freshen things up. We’ve helped clients create all types of memorable games, utilizing attendees’ competitive drive with games including bingo, photo contests, scavenger hunts and trivia contests. We’ve also worked with clients to create one-of-a-kind games, like our Vegas-style, digital slot machine. Learn more about how we work with planners to gamify their events with our post, The Inside Scoop: How Expert Planners Gamify Their Events.


It’s the biggest draw when it comes to attendance and MeetingPlay will work with you to take advantage of the latest developments, including matchmaking algorithms, alerts, beacon technology, and again, gamification. 

Arrival experience

Onsite Registration and Arrival ExperienceThe arrival experience is always top-of-mind for planners, who want to make the best possible first impression. Create an efficient and pleasant onsite arrival experience for your guests with our QR-enabled kiosk registration and check-in badge printing. 

How much does it cost?

In short: it varies. We will work with you to develop an app that meets all of your needs — it’s what we love to do. The cost will depend on the specifics. 

Our event app is utilized as a licensed product, with our base app as a foundation with the ability to expand in size and functionality. Our pricing is built upon this customization and the hours our account managers and development team will need to fulfill your requests. MeetingPlay’s base app starts at $5-6K, which includes a basic audience response system and basic gamification. 

What makes MeetingPlay different from other apps?

The current Event App Bible survey includes over 100 different event apps. Choosing one from so many can be overwhelming! Here are a few examples that will help you differentiate MeetingPlay from the rest.

Premier-level product

MeetingPlay is a premier app provider; we use emerging technology trends to provide customized solutions that will meet your business, brand and event goals. Our approach and results are quite different than a DIY tool. If you have a particularly limited budget and are looking to cut some costs by taking on more of the workload yourself, MeetingPlay may not be the best option for you.

Dedicated account managers 

We provide dedicated account managers who serve as your single point-of-contact throughout your event app development, launch and execution. For more specifics on the design process, check out our Guide to Building an Event App

Run by former event professionals

Many of us on the MeetingPlay team come from the event and hospitality industries. We understand firsthand what it takes to pull off a successful event and are always working with our clients through this lens. 

Proven track record

The numbers tell the story. MeetingPlay has a 92% customer retention rate, and per our satisfaction surveys, 99% of our customers are likely to recommend our event app. 

How can MeetingPlay Help?

Choosing an app provider is an important decision, so take the time to do your research. Be sure to ask the right questions before striking an agreement or implementing new technology. If you’d like to learn more about working with MeetingPlay, we’d love to talk with you! Don’t hesitate to schedule a free demo.

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