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6 Myths About Event Apps, Debunked


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In our conversations with clients and others in the event industry, we hear a lot of myths about event apps. Some people are wary of time-consuming development processes, or worried that their app might not be successful. If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. We’re here to dispel the six most pervasive mobile event app myths.

Myth #1: Event apps are too expensive

mobile event apps myth: Event apps are too expensiveIf you want an inexpensive app, there are plenty of options and providers. A basic, bare-bones event app can cost less than $1,000. But more important than price is ROI. Pricing is largely dependent on the complexity of the app and the type of features you want to incorporate. In other words, your app will be as expensive or cheap as you need it to be.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to cost. First, figure out the value the app will provide you, and try to quantify as best you can. For example, you might pay more for an algorithm that offers attendees unique networking opportunities, and the ROI of that feature might far exceed the cost of the app. If a feature earns rave reviews in your post-event survey — or is incentive for future attendance — the extra cost is well worth the spend.

Also, consider how sponsorship opportunities might help offset the cost of your app. They might even cover the costs of the app entirely.

Myth #2: Apps take too long to develop

Mobile Event App Myth: Apps take too long to developIf you’re looking to launch a quick app, there are plenty of options for creating one in just a few days.

A good app provider will walk you through the process and anticipate any roadblocks before they happen. You’ll end up with a sleek, engaging app, and you’ll consider the time well spent.

If you want to learn more about the development process for a premier app, check out this post.

Myth #3: Nobody will download it

Attendees will definitely download your app — download rates are usually pretty high. For example, we typically see download rates between 80-90% at MeetingPlay. While that is on the high side for the industry, we see high download rates for good reason. We are sure to include Mobile event app myth: Nobody will download itfeatures that are important to our planner’s attendees. Take networking — it’s usually really important to attendees, so we max out features that will help, like in-app matchmaking. Or, let’s say our planner’s attendees are looking for new technology. In that case, we might incorporate some new features like augmented reality or facial recognition.

We also take time to discuss marketing strategy. It’s not enough to just build the app, you have to promote it! There are simple steps you can take before the event and at the event to help with those download numbers.

Myth #4: My attendees will be intimidated by this technology

It’s true that your app will be used by people of all kinds, even some people who aren’t comfortable with complicated technology. But the truth is, if you simplify the process of downloading and using the app, it won’t be intimidating. Simple steps (which your mobile event provider can advise on) will go a long way to encourage download and usage by all attendees. Some of these are as simple as notices in pre-event emails, or signage on site, as well as notifications at onsite check-ins.

Myth #5: I have an event website, so I don’t need an app

event apps myth: I have an event website, so I don’t need an appMost (if not all) of your attendees have a smartphone, and they will use it throughout your event. Don’t fight the wave of technology. Embrace it and offer a mobile app. By having a mobile app, attendees will be able to access all the info they need without needing wifi to get to a mobile website.

In addition, a mobile event app can be personalized for each user, can allow you to make quick, real time changes to any aspect of the content and even send out push notifications to alert attendees about changes. These are just a few of the basic differences that you can get with a mobile app. There are also a bunch of engagement features on apps that you can’t get through an event website. Not convinced? Read more here. 

Myth #6: My team doesn’t have the ability to develop an app

Mobile event app providers typically offer an easy-to-use CMS (content management system) and a support team to help. At MeetingPlay, we do all the work for our clients. Our clients simply have to provide the event content and we manage all of the development. We also provide training on the CMS and are just a phone call away for any questions.

In conclusion

Break free from these myths of mobile event apps! Event organizers on a global scale are turning to mobile event apps to enhance their events, engage attendees, add value to vendors, and generate higher returns on their investments.

MeetingPlay is a premier, white-glove event app provider. We work in partnership with our clients to develop a custom mobile app that’s easy to use on the front and back end, with features that best align with meeting goals.

If you are looking to stay under $1k for your app, due to the level of customization and support MeetingPlay offers, we won’t fall in your price range. A more DIY app provider might better suit your needs. But if you are looking for enhance features to engage your attendees and delight your sponsors, drop us a line or schedule a free demo.



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