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Common Event App Gamification Myths


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Digital event app gamification has transformed the way event organizers and marketers plan events. Integrating customized digital activities into your agenda can help you increase engagement, facilitate networking, drive more attention to vendors, and provide value to your attendees.

Despite all the benefits, there are still those who question the impact digital gamification apps can have on your event. Unfortunately, these same planners are missing out on an easy way to create an unforgettable experience for their attendees and sponsors.

Below, we’d like to clear up some of the most common event app gamification myths so you can experience the value for yourself.

Myth #1: Event Gamification Will Create a Distraction for Your Event

There’s a mistaken belief that if your attendees are focused on collecting points, winning prizes and playing games, they won’t pay attention to your content, presenters, and vendors. Participants will have their heads down on their phones, as opposed to interacting with everyone in attendance. The reality is, nothing could be further from the truth.

When you set up your gamification activities correctly, attendees are encouraged to:

  • Stay engaged
  • Visit vendors
  • Attend presentations
  • Network with other attendees
  • Provide timely feedback 

Rather than detracting from your event, you get better results for the success targets you typically set when you create your plan.

For example, assume the main goal of your event is to drive traffic to your vendors. Without a gamification app, everyone wanders around your venue aimlessly, stopping at any booths along the way that may catch their eye. Or you can influence when and where they stop using an event gamification app.

For situations like the example above, one option is to give each vendor a QR code to keep behind their booth. Each attendee would receive a bingo card, scavenger hunt list, or point target. Participants could achieve their activity goals by visiting and interacting with each vendor at their booth. As a result, participants actively seek out and listen to your vendors. The setup is beneficial for all the parties involved, and you’re able to add some novelty to your event.

As you can see, this type of event gamification activity is far from a distraction, and actually adds value for everyone in attendance.

Myth #2: Digital Gamification Activities Waste Time

Another misconception is that gamification activities only serve to kill time between presentations and scheduled meetings. Again, this assumption is simply not true.

At a basic level, digital gamification activities can help you fill in the time between scheduled sessions or before your event starts. However, the intent is to help your attendees increase their engagement or check out your event features beforehand. For example, guests who arrive early can complete an activity that helps them become more familiar with the venue, featured speakers and your sponsors.

At a deeper level, event gamification activities are tied directly to your event goals. Rather than filling in time, you’re able to design games and challenges to keep the momentum of your event flowing and prevent dips in energy. Participants can interact with vendors, network with peers or provide valuable feedback to help you improve your planning.

Clearly, digital event gamification creates value for your event as opposed to simply filling in the gaps between planned sessions.

Myth #3: Event Gamification Involves Meaningless Activities

Like the previous myth, some event marketers view digital event gamification as nothing more than frivolous games. When they hear “gamification,” they envision recess activities similar to the ones you played in school.

Digital event gamification platforms, like the ones offered by MeetingPlay, wouldn’t be as successful as they are if they didn’t add value to your business or organization. Customized activities help you influence the actions of your attendees and create a more successful event.

While you can incorporate fun games, like bingo, scavenger hunts, and trivia, they’re designed to facilitate networking, engagement and the growth of your event. You get the best of both worlds. Your guests have fun while participating in everything your event has to offer.

Don’t fall prey to the myths. Let MeetingPlay answer your questions about the value event app gamification can add to your event.


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