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As an event planner, you’re a master of versatility. With every event you plan, you’re expected to adjust for the venue, attendees, sponsors, vendors, and event goals. Any number of problems can arise along the way, and each event requires you to take a unique approach to your planning. It’s a tall order that can wreak havoc on your event strategy.

Thankfully, you’re not alone.

MeetingPlay customized event app for retreatsIn the summer of 2017, a MeetingPlay client decided to host a series of outdoor retreats. As part of their planning, they wanted to incorporate a mobile event app to increase engagement and social interaction for each event. In addition to planning three outdoor events, they had two obstacles to overcome:

      -Their event app needed to integrate with                  their third-party registration system

      -They needed an app with fully-customized scheduling features and app content

The MeetingPlay Difference

Registration and Third-Party Integration

Registration and Third-Party IntegrationThe first items we needed to tackle were our client’s registration process and third-party registration system integration. They were planning three separate events in 2017, so we developed a separate mobile event app for each event. We were able to integrate directly with their single registration site to pull an attendee’s data into the appropriate app based on the event they were attending. In other words, attendees who registered for the first event were only given access to the app for that event.

Because of our tailored approach, people who wished to attend one of the events could register for a specific retreat through the registration website, without impacting the registration or app for the other events. Our client had a unique solution and registration process for each summer retreat.

This seamless integration ensured that attendee information was always accurate and up-to-date, eliminating the need for the event planners to manage and update multiple lists.

Mobile Event App Customization

Our client’s second request was to develop a fully-customized mobile event app for their attendees. They wanted to provide their app users with a unique experience that felt like it was developed just for them. Once again, MeetingPlay was able to deliver.

After the registration process was complete, our client’s event attendees were ready to plan their agenda. We developed a unique scheduling site so attendees could sign up for activities as soon as they registered for the event. Each retreat offered more than 100 activities over the course of three days, so we implemented custom filters, like:

    MeetingPlay customized event app for retreats -Category

     -Activity Level





These filters allowed attendees to find activities quickly and sign up for the ones that interested them. The scheduling site also showed the number of available spots for each activity, which helped our client avoid the nightmare of over-enrollment.

Once scheduled, the attendees’ activities synced with a “My Schedule” navigation feature in their apps. This allowed app users to reference their itineraries quickly and easily from their mobile devices. Each agenda item was fully customized to include an activity overview, information about the guides, discussions on the activity, associated partners, and a roster of that activity’s attendees.

The rosters allowed attendees to see who would be participating in each activity – but we didn’t stop there. We were also able to create a feature that allowed guides to generate custom reports and print attendee rosters for each session.

The Results?

MeetingPlay Customer Success storyOur client and their attendees were thrilled with our easy-to-use app. Attendees were excited to engage with the custom app features, and the three events averaged an 86% download rate for the app.

This exceptional level of participation led to greater attendee satisfaction and an enhanced degree of social interaction during each event. And the interaction didn’t end after the event was over. App activity continued after each event as attendees added new content and interacted with the other attendees’ posts.

Our client was so pleased with their event app that they have decided to partner with MeetingPlay for two more retreats in 2018. This continued partnership allows us to showcase additional mobile app features for future events. Our client is excited to see how we can further enhance their events with features like:

     -Customized attendee registration classifications for event add-ons

     -In-app scheduling (in addition to the scheduling website)

     -Tailored back-end administration dashboards for simple data management

     -Social integration features to allow users to push posts to Facebook and Twitter

This client loved our mobile app solution for their events in 2017. They’re hungry for more, and we can’t wait to deliver. Our dedicated account managers and white-glove service will ensure they get the features they’re looking for with a personalized touch.

Conclusion – What Does This Mean for You?

This client’s experience is not an isolated incident. MeetingPlay has provided similar solutions to our clients around the world. Because of our extensive experience, we can offer advice and solutions to overcome many of the challenges you face as an event planner. Like the client we discussed above, if you’re looking for third-party integration and customization, you’ll be thrilled to learn that MeetingPlay can guide you through the entire process of implementing those features.

Can a mobile event app help you elevate your next event? Drop us a line or schedule a demo so we can show you the customized solutions we offer.

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