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    What Makes MeetingPlay a Premier Mobile Event App

    In the world of meetings and events, there are multiple choices when it comes to mobile event apps. MeetingPlay is proud to be among the premier solutions.

    But what exactly is a premier mobile event app? We wanted to share what being a premier solution means for our clients.

    1. We have Experts from Multiple Industries, all Passionate about Event Tech

    MeetingPlay is composed of people with a multitude of backgrounds and specialties. We have a leadership team comprised of individuals with Fortune 500 and hospitality backgrounds, as well as numerous award-winning developers, designers, and account managers.

    By combining our spectrum of experiences (which allows us insight into a variety of industries) with our passion for event technology, we create the best possible app for each client.

    1. We Have Dedicated Account Managers

    While a dedicated Account Manager may not be something all meeting or event planners think they need, once they have worked with (or without) one, they quickly realize the value.

    Our Account Managers identify and pave the path to success for MeetingPlay clients. We do this by genuinely listening to the needs of our clients and providing solutions which will help meet those specific needs. We make sure each app has the right features and technology that makes sense for each event.

    For example, if a goal of your event is to increase attendee engagement, group gamification may be the most valuable feature for you. Or, if you’ve determined that a goal for your meeting is helping your sponsors get more leads, we might share how personalized scheduling can work for you.

    From project management to quality assurance - MeetingPlay’s Account Managers ensure that every aspect of our client’s mobile event apps are successful.

    (You can learn more about the value and role of MeetingPlay’s dedicated Account Managers here. Link to What Is the Role of the MeetingPlay Account Manager)

    1. We Provide All-in-One Solutions

    MeetingPlay realized first-hand the frustration attendees experienced when downloading and installing multiple apps for events: one for audience response systems (aka attendee voting apps), one for an agenda, one for gamification, etc. That is why from day one, we have always been committed to being a real all-in-one solution.

    Our mobile event apps are customized to match the goals and needs of an event. Whether you need lead retrieval, ARS, gamification, personalized agendas, chatbots, AI, or AR, MeetingPlay can develop the perfect all-in-one solution for our clients.

    1. We’re not new to the industry!

    MeetingPlay first began in 2011 and was formally founded in 2012. In January 2018, we will celebrate our official 6th birthday.

    While there are many mobile event app companies that have been around for a few years, we are among the top providers who have longevity in the event technology market.

    Our event apps are innovative, but they are also tried and true. Every rollout of new features comes well developed and significantly tested. We don’t leave room for errors.

    1. We are Trusted by Leading Companies

    Our clients include significant Fortune 500 companies, financial events that host 20k+ attendees, and healthcare and hospitality brands that are the leaders in their industries.

    From Marriott International to Starbucks, HP, GP, Frito-Lay, and more, MeetingPlay is the trusted provider of mobile event apps and event technology solutions for brands and events of all sizes!

    How does all of this make MeetingPlay a premier mobile event app company?

    Each app that MeetingPlay develops is a solution customized to meet our client's specific goals. This commitment to personalized, custom, “brand you” event apps is part of our devotion to being the premier mobile event app solution.

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