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    The Best Event Apps Meet Your Attendees on Their Terms

    Keeping your attendees focused during an event is a huge challenge. You spend long hours creating great content, securing vendors and sponsors, arranging a venue, and preparing for everyone’s arrival. The excitement is electric when your event begins, but quickly declines as the hours and days progress.

    What went wrong? The problem is, life starts to impact your attendees’ engagement levels. Their phones and mobile devices distract them with:

    • Unread emails
    • Texts from friends
    • Time-killing games
    • Family obligations
    • Social media distractions

    It’s not your fault. They can’t help themselves. It’s a problem that’s unavoidable unless you want to risk making everyone angry by taking away their phones.

    The best event apps can help you use your attendees' enthusiasm for technology to your advantage. Think about it. Your attendees:

    • Are already on their mobile devices
    • Enjoy interacting with each other via mobile apps
    • Get information daily through mobile apps
    • Entertain themselves using mobile games
    • Search for interesting content on mobile devices

    Instead of trying to force your attendees off their technology, integrate a mobile event app into your event.

    Using an all-in-one app, like the ones MeetingPlay offers, your attendees can access everything they need for your event via their mobile device. Your users will be thrilled to interact with your event content using an event app that feels familiar.

    For example, here’s a list of how people typically spend time on their mobile devices, and the mobile event app features that mimic those activities:

    Everyday Mobile App Activity

    MeetingPlay Event App Feature

    Texting with friends

    In-app messaging

    Networking on LinkedIn

    Matchmaking and proximity networking

    Sharing on social media

    Live posting on virtual event walls and boards

    Searching the web for interesting content

    Agendas, vendor info, and speaker bios

    Using an app for directions

    Maps, wayfinding, and interactive mapping

    Playing games on mobile devices

    Event gamification and engagement activities

    Customizing music and video streams

    Personalized agendas and session tracks

    Reviewing products and services

    Audience Response Engagement Systems

    Receiving mobile alerts

    Activity feeds and notifications

    Connecting with your attendees and keeping them engaged is easier than ever if you use the right tools. Instead of fighting the battle against technology, use it to add value to your event.

    Are you ready to meet your attendees on their terms and connect with them where they already hang out?

    Contact us today to discuss the value our mobile event apps can add to your attendees’ experience and your event.

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