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    Gamification: Trivia Fun with the MeetingPlay App

    A successful event is engaging as well as memorable, and event gamification has the power to help you create both. When you gamify your event, you...

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    Keeping Attendee Engagement High Throughout Your Event

    You spent months setting up your big event. On day one the atmosphere is electric. Your attendees are engaged and eager to soak up all the...

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    Apple changes guidelines. Again.

    The other night I was attending my husband’s holiday party where I was introduced to a woman who was also there with her spouse. Interestingly,...

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    Is MeetingPlay the Right Mobile Event App for You?

    In the world of events, there are various solutions for anything an event professional may need. From finding an affordable audio/visual expert to...

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    MeetingPlay Mobile Event App 2017 Year In Review

    from MeetingPlay's CEO, Joe Schwinger

    December really is the most wonderful time of the year. There’s a magical buzz in the air and we can take in...

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    How MeetingPlay’s Mobile Event Apps Can Return an ROI

    Event professionals who seek a mobile event app often think that it’s too expensive, or that they don’t really need one. However, they fail to...

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