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Attendee Engagement Ideas: How to Engage Attendees During Your Event


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Attendee engagement is one of the most important goals for any event. In this three-part series, we’ll give you actionable tips for keeping your attendees engaged throughout every stage of their experience.

Attendee engagement at events is usually at its highest on the first day, when attendees enter your venue brimming with energy and excitement. However, after day one, fatigue and distractions inevitably creep in. They’ll be thinking about their work at the office, watching the emails pile up. Use these six attendee engagement ideas to boost your engagement strategy and keep your attendees excited from check-in to check-out.

6 Ways To Engage Attendees During Your Event

1. Set up a social wall

A social wall is a large screen at your event that shows photos or posts tagged with your event hashtag. These social walls are naturally inclusive, engaging attendees in conversation using photos, videos and more. They keep attendees up-to-speed on event happenings and encourage them to post more themselves. Social walls are best displayed in areas where people tend to gather, such as registration and break areas or lounges.

Keep in mind that the planning team can manage or modify content via administrative control on the back end, so there’s no need to worry about the type of content that will be visible to all.

2. Create a little competition

Attendee EngagementGamification creates a unique bonding experience, and offers a rewarding way for attendees to learn and interact while at an event. Attendees are awarded points through connecting with people, visiting sponsors, answering poll questions and beyond.

There’s an endless variety of games that you can consider, but we recommend staying focused on the specific goals of your meeting. For example, if networking is a priority, consider a bingo board, consisting of attendees who have been matched together using an algorithm based on information gathered prior to the event. To complete the board and win a prize, everyone is encouraged to walk up to other people and start a conversation.

3. Be a little bit pushy

Real-time push notifications help attendees stay connected to real-time event happenings. Have a speaker update, agenda change, or special offer to promote? Your event app push notifications allow immediate and direct communication with your attendees, and allow you to point toward engagement opportunities.

4. Use live polling and Q&A

Attendee Engagement - Live Polling  and Q & ADialogue keeps your attendees engaged. With live polling, speakers can connect with audience members directly on their phones. Speakers ask questions and attendees answer via their mobile event app. Results are shown immediately, which creates a bit of excitement, as attendees usually love seeing the results displayed on the large screen.

Similarly, attendees can ask questions during a presentation that will pop up in real-time, eliminating the need for staged microphones in the audience. We do recommend having a moderator review and filter questions so that the speakers can stay focused on their presentations. A moderator can also ensure repeated questions are consolidated.

5. Make a match

Networking is the biggest driver in event attendance, but we know many people find networking a bit daunting. Make it easier through matchmaking app features prior to the event. Pair attendees based on their titles, purpose for being at the event, and any other relevant details. Use your event app’s proximity sensing to send alerts when matches are near one another. Conversation is easily sparked as attendees will see shared interests, view each other’s profiles, and connect.

6. Invest in augmented realityInvest in Augmented Reality

Augmented reality allows attendees to view hidden computer-generated content via a marker (viewable target) without any special or wearable equipment. By combining augmented reality and gamification, you can connect attendees to your content in a unique way. The interactive experience is engaging and exciting as it allows attendees to uncover something new. Our clients have already started using this feature to launch new brands as well as educate attendees on existing brands. Learn more about AR in our article here.

Let MeetingPlay help boost your attendee engagement during your event

As you plan your event, don’t forget that attendees have limited energy and attention. Make sure you build in time for them to unwind and decompress. To see all our tips on attendee engagement at conferences, download our ebook - The Ultimate Guide to Improving Event Attendee Engagement. And if you’re ready to talk to a MeetingPlay expert about your next event app, contact us for a demo today!

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