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Attendee Engagement Ideas: How to Engage Attendees After Your Event


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Attendee engagement is one of the most important goals for any event. In this three-part series, we’ll give you actionable tips for keeping your attendees engaged throughout every stage of their experience.

Congratulations! You just hosted a successful event, and kept everyone engaged the whole time. Use this momentum to catch your attendees during their post-event high. Now is the time for follow-up that will yield very helpful results. Use these six tips to engage your attendees immediately after your event, and build on your momentum for next year.

6 Ways To Continue To Engage Attendees After Your Event

1. Say thanksAttendee Engagement at Events

After all, your event wouldn’t be what it was if your attendees didn’t show up. Let them know how thankful you are with a sincere message that says so. Send an email, use your app’s push notifications, update your event page on Facebook, add a message to your LinkedIn post, tweet (don’t forget your event hashtag!) … be sure the message is clear in all methods: Thank you for attending our event. Thank you for engaging with our event. Thank you. Thank You. Thank you!

Your thank you message is also an opportunity to remind your guests to continue to use your mobile event app for any post-event features that you’re offering!

2. Send a survey

Use your event app to send a post-event survey. This is a fantastic way to keep your attendees engaged after the activities and collect helpful feedback all at once. Need some pointers on what exactly to ask? We’ve got you covered with our post, 14 Questions to Ask in Your Post-Event Survey. We also encourage you to use push notifications during your event to notify your guests of the forthcoming survey. Keep your results handy as it often includes jewels of information to include in your next pre-event communications.

3. Review your reports

A mobile event app that generates reports gives you the opportunity to analyze event data. Reports can range from session ratings to poll results to download statistics. This information will help you better engage attendees at future events.

Attendee Engagement IdeasFor example, you may find that most sessions had an average rating of five stars, but one session only averaged two stars. You can solicit more detailed feedback about said session and pinpoint specific ways to improve. This could mean anything from finding a different guest speaker to shortening the length of the session.

If your report shows that 90% of attendees downloaded your app, you’ll know you did a great job of creating excitement for the event – take note of your pre-event strategy so you can use it again next time, and of course strive to reach that remaining 10%!

4. Share your content

In today’s social media age, sharing event content is easier than ever. Did your event have an amazing keynote speaker? Capture a segment on video and share it with attendees. Was there a session with a really interesting Q&A? Post the questions and responses for all to see. Don’t forget to use your hashtag and to include fun bites of content in email blasts. You can also attract visitors to your website by housing all of your event content in a specific section and using a gated password for access.

5. Write an event recapAttendee Engagement at Conferences

Most likely you or a team member will write an internal event recap or post-mortem; this brief can easily be tweaked for external audiences. Be sure to include photos, videos, interesting stats and attendee feedback. Using an infographic is particularly effective.

6. Continue crowdsourcing

A final tip to generate attendee engagement at events - once you have received attendee feedback and you start planning for next year, re-engage event attendees to ask for their suggestions on specific topics you are considering for your next event. Attendees who feel more vested in the event are more likely to engage in the event.

How MeetingPlay can help engage attendees after your event

Meeting planners are looking beyond just attendance numbers as they measure the success of their events. It has become increasingly important to provide meaningful experiences for attendees and offer the best possible value for their time. As we mentioned above, mobile event apps can help you engage your attendees at all stages. To see all our tips on attendee engagement at conferences, download our ebook - The Ultimate Guide to Improving Event Attendee Engagement.

Want to see these tips in action? We’re happy to share examples of how we are implementing these steps with our current clients. Request a demo, or drop us a line!

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