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Activity Feeds Can Help You Create Compelling Marketing Content


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Understanding your end-user is one of the most valuable marketing concepts you can use to improve your event planning business. You need to be able to speak the same language as your attendees and create content that resonates with their interests.

An article written by HubSpot identifies several benefits of knowing your audience:

     -You can create targeted marketing content that speaks to a specific demographic

     -Knowing your end-user helps you develop a successful marketing strategy

     -Understanding your target audience helps you develop content and experiences that will           interest your followers

But how do you get to know your audience? How can you tap into their minds and see what interests them, or even identify who they are?

The HubSpot article referenced above suggests that you ask your end-users directly. In your case, this means reaching out to your attendees. While this is a great way to gather information, it can be more difficult than it sounds. You’re busy planning and managing your event. And your attendees are busy and less likely to respond to requests for details once your event is over.

Thankfully, there’s a fun way to collect valuable data about your attendees’ interests, while also adding fun and value to your event.

Utilize an activity feed with your mobile event app.

Activity feeds provide numerous benefits for you and your event attendees. One of the most important benefits for you is the ability to use the content your attendees produce to create engaging content for your business.

Here are a few ways activity feeds can help you create amazing content:

Know Your Audience – The images, comments, and posts in your activity feed come directly from your attendees, and they are your audience. You can use the content they post to develop a hypothetical user profile and to understand what interests them the most.

Event Activity Feed Marketing Content CreationInstant Content – Aside from giving you insight into your audience, the images and posts provide amazing content for your marketing material. Use the feed’s content for presentations, announcements, testimonials, and to show everyone how popular your events are.

Discover New Ideas – Sometimes, the best ideas come from your attendees. You never know what great suggestions may pop up on your feed that you can use for future events. You’re in the weeds when you’re planning your event. It’s nice to get a fresh perspective from your audience so you can generate your next big idea.

Creating interesting content, asking for feedback, and doing marketing research for your business can cost you time and money. There’s a better way. Let your attendees create extraordinary content while they’re enjoying everything your event has to offer.

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