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A New Way to Engage - The  Evolution of Gamification


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Gamification is a topic our clients often mention to our dedicated account managers. With questions ranging from how does it work?” to what can we do better?”, gamification has become an enticing factor and an answer to keeping attendees engaged during multiple-day events and everyday team meetingsSince becoming a staple in virtual events, gamification is now a driving force to ensure a fun and diverse way to engage with attendees.  

With MeetingPlay, you can expect new, creative ideas to keep your virtual attendees involved. One of our most inventive ideas came from an organization’s five-day sales summit. In this meeting, we took gamification to a new level with a virtual scavenger hunt and quiz game 


What is Gamification? 

In an earlier blog we stated: “gamification is not necessarily adding a game to an event – but rather adding game-like components to an event … In exchange for participation – for networking, for visiting a particular location – whether it be a vendor, exhibitor, or sponsors booth – or a variety of other tasks or challenges – you will receive points, you will rank, you will earn."

The most widely known form of virtual event gamification is commenting on other attendee’s posts, uploading a photo to the social wall, asking a question during a panel, joining networking events, and visiting a sponsor booth. This keeps the attendee involved, engaged with their peers, and it provides another incentive for your virtual sponsors. The more visits attendees have to their booths, the more likely they are to have meetings scheduled to learn more. 

While gamification offers a chance to be inventive in a world of virtual fatigue we are now living in, it also offers a chance for your attendees to learn more about the organization they are working with.  


How Can Gamification Evolve? 

Gamification in Events


A large data and AI company hosted their internal five-day Sales Kick-Off Meeting on MeetingPlay Virtual. They envisioned a virtual platform that blended education and entertainment together. Our development team took this to the next level, creating a new way of gamification – a point system, evolved.  

Their goal was to blend gamification in with the event. To do that, we created a scavenger hunt throughout the platform featuring members of their sales team.


Gamification in an Event Platform


The instructions for gamification during the meeting were hidden among the event platform, and once the attendee found the dedicated page, they could begin earning points for participation. A portion of the event’s gamification came from a point system, where , they would earn points for using the photo booth, posting to the social feedvoting in polls, uploading a profile photo, asking a question in the Q&A, and checked-in to sessions, among others. The true fun came with the scavenger hunt.  

Spread throughout our uniquely created virtual platform were “easter eggs”. In this case, these easter eggs were in the form of pop-up caricatures – avatars - in the likeness of members from their leadership team. If, when browsing the platform and engaging with other team members, the attendee came across a pop-up on the corner of their screen, they were enticed to click. After reading the instructions and understanding that those who reached 2,000 points or more would be eligible for a prize drawing to receive a multitude of prizes, it was game on! 


Gamification in a Virtual Event Platform


The avatars would bring the attendee to a poll or quiz page. The attendee would gain points just for finding the easter egg and had a chance to earn more if they answered the quiz question correctly! If they did not answer correctly, they got the points for finding the easter egg, but their bonus points were awarded in education and more understanding of the company they worked for, and they had a great time doing it! 

The avatars were spread out throughout the platform at random. Once they took the quiz or poll, they could not go back and gain more points, either. No cheating allowed!  


Virtual Event Platform Gamification


It is important to know that choosing virtual event software is not one size fits all. 


MeetingPlay offers the ability to customize and create an event that is truly yours, whether that’s inventive ways to evolve gamification or elevating the event with our AI matching technology. We truly partner with you to learn about what your event needs and we boost your event's engagement to make your event a success.  


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