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    9 Ways to Empower Your Virtual Event Sponsors

    Do your sponsors and exhibitors know how to utilize the features available to them in your virtual event platform? If your answer is no, you’re not alone.


    Virtual event platforms are complex beasts. Like live events, they offer a bounty of opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors to connect with attendees and to promote their brand. However, it’s not just as easy as setting up a booth and waiting for attendees to swing by and chat.



    Here, we will review our new and improved Sponsor Portal to give you and your sponsors the tools to succeed at your next virtual event.


    Improved Navigation

    When your sponsors log into the Sponsor Portal, they will be greeted with several options to create and customize their virtual booth experience. Their booth is broken into sections designed for easy navigation and information sharing.

    Dashboard - sponsor portal


    Display Company Details in Your Profile

    When starting their virtual booth build, your sponsors can click on “Profile Details” to fill in essential business information – like name and biography. We suggest adding the details your attendees will want to know when they would visit their live booth.

    Profile Details- sponsor portal


    Drive Attendees to Your Personal Website

    Next up, sponsors can drive attendees to their preferred website links with the “Websites” panel. With the ability to post up to five separate links for attendees to access, there is plenty of opportunity to promote their homepage, resources, and any additional marketing content.

    Websites - sponsor portal


    Easily Distribute Your Content

    Unlike a live event, your virtual sponsors can’t simply hand out their sales sheets to passing attendees. They can, however, add any type of marketing materials or resources as downloadable content in the “Handouts” tab. Attendees will be able to access the content during the event and download them straight to their device.

    Handouts - sponsor portal


    Promote Special Offers

    Sponsors can add and promote their products or special event offers in the “Offers” tab. To add an offer, they will simply add the title, order of display, description, the product link, and a product image. The more creative, the better!

    Offers - sponsor portal


    Display Your Branding in Style

    Just because the event is virtual does not mean that your sponsor’s booth needs to be any less stylish. The “Images” tab invites your sponsors to add the imagery and brand assets needed to customize their virtual booth. If an image is too big, the uploaded images can be resized to fit within the portal.  


    They can upload the following:

    • Thumbnail: Will display in attendees’ followed items,
    • Banner image: Displays above tab navigation on the sidebar of sessions they are sponsoring.
    • Interstitial: Overlays on top of video for sessions they are sponsoring where a user must dismiss to continue.
    • Virtual Hall Logo: Will display on virtual exhibit hall page with their company’s title.

    Images - sponsor portal

    Deliver Your Video Content

    Sponsors can also add up to two branded videos that will play in the booth while they’re away, under the “Videos” tab. Multiple videos will loop in the order specified by your sponsor. In addition, the URLs must be links in a mp4 format. We suggest adding eye-catching promotional videos or product videos.

    Videos - sponsor portal


    Connect with Attendees through Office Hours

    Now time for your sponsors to schedule their booth’s events. The “Virtual Booth Schedule” tab allows them to adjust their booth’s session times and availability for video conferencing and collaboration with attendees.

    Scheduling - sponsor portal


    Capture Attendee Interactions with your Brand

    Finally, any data and analytics captured in the sponsor booth can be found in “Reports”. Sponsors may download a report showing who attended the booth’s office hours, how long they stayed, and how they interacted with the booth. 

    reports - sponsor portal


    Give your sponsors more power over their booth experience and the tools to grow their audience at your virtual event! 




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