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7 Articles Every #EventProfs Needs to Read This Week!

Blair Pettrey

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Every so often we share a roundup of the amazing content, tools, and news we’ve found around the web. After all, our goal at MeetingPlay is (is of course to provide amazing, custom, mobile event apps) but to help inform, delight, and grow the events and business world!

Without further ado, the #EventProfs Must Know, Round 4:

1. 4 Out-Of-the-Box Ways to Motivate Your Staff

ways to motivate your event staff

"From setting three separate alarms for that early morning workout to freeing your desktop of distractions at work, by this point in our adult lives, it’s pretty easy to pinpoint what motivates us––and what derails us. But when it comes to energizing other people on the job, the triggers aren’t always so clear…"

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2. 9 Ways You Should Never Announce Your Event

how you should not announce your event

"Announcing an event, or making a big product announcement, opens you up to all sorts of mishaps. Preparation really is the best medicine. Try these ideas to cut down on the likelihood of something going terribly wrong at your event. You’ve dreamed up a perfect event announcement or drum roll at your event and then something goes terribly wrong. Most seasoned event planners can see trouble from a ballroom-length away but occasionally it surprises even us. Here are 9 ways to avoid potential trouble when you want to make an impact…"

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3. 5 Often Neglected Items to Include in Your Event Marketing Budget

event marketing budget

"Event marketing budgets are tight, and every dollar counts. That’s why it is so important to think through the details of your event’s marketing budget before you lock in those figures. To make sure you’ve accounted for some of the costs that may not be top of mind, here are five areas to consider as you’re working your next budget…"

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4. How to Focus: 5 Ways to Overcome Distractions at Work

how to overcome distractions at work

"Distractions can infest any place of work. They might seem tiny in the grand scheme of things, but when compounded together, they can ravage your productivity. In fact, entire companies lose 31 hours per week to attention-sucking activities. That’s like losing the contributions of a whole employee. Fortunately, I’ve researched some science-backed tips for maintaining focus, interviewed HubSpot employees about their concentration habits, and fleshed out the deepest insights in this blog post. So take a look at these five productivity hacks to effectively overcome distractions and stay laser-focused at work…"

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5. The 3 Stages of Social Media Marketing for Events

stages of social media marketing

"Social media revolutionized the way people experience events. From promoting concerts to organizing protest marches to simply throwing a party, social platforms are important tools for communicating and mobilizing people. For nonprofits, social media marketing is now an instrumental part of growing an event. And while social media is often thought of as in-the-moment and spontaneous, effective social media marketing requires forethought. When planning a social media campaign for your nonprofit event, it helps to break it down into phases. Read on to learn about the three phases of social media event promotion and how to succeed every step of the way…"

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6. Experiential Marketing Lessons from SXSW 2017

experimental marketing lessons

"People flock to South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin every March for any number of reasons: to learn from industry experts, network with potential business leads, check out interesting new entertainment and technology, and of course, stuff as many breakfast tacos in their mouths as humanly possible. In this way, the 2017 conference was no different than years past. Fortunately, working in experiential marketing, there are always new activations to take part in to learn how the industry is working with brands to engage an audience. Here are some of the best activations we saw and some lessons we learned from them…"

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7. 8 Ways to Use Video to Make the Most out of Event Marketing

use video for event marketing

"Creating a memorable experience starts long before you even show up at the event and one of the absolute best tools for achieving a stand-out status is video marketing. Here are eight ways I’ve found to go from “Lonely Exhibitor #6245 with an Empty, Forgettable Booth” to “Industry Authority Exhibitor who Owns the Exhibit Hall”. Let’s see what you can do…"

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