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6 Reasons Your Company Needs an Internship App

Blair Pettrey

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Your business is about to receive an influx of intern applications. College students want to intern in not just the most successful businesses – but the most innovative, and technology advanced companies – and what better way to pitch your business or company summer internship program, by including the fact that your internship program has an app.

 CNN recently wrote how college students are using mobile apps in more ways than we realized. In fact, traditionally known as a ‘hook up app’ – college students are now using Tinder not just for love or hookups – but as a way to create and cultivate friendships. Yes, that’s right – college students have taken the swipe left or swipe right app and made it about friendships – proving that more than ever, this group of next generation business owners and leaders in the cooperate field – the ones you want to come intern for you, so they return to work for you – are technology driven – and it all starts in their hands - with a phone and an app.

 How can MeetingPlay help your internship program with our custom mobile event app?

 1.) Social Networking

Social Networking for Internship App Program

Our innovative social networking capabilities within our mobile event app allow interns to communicate and network across the platform – whether it’s getting to know other potential interns prior to their internship or it’s connecting with the higher-ups that will be transforming and providing a truly unique opportunity through an internship – the MeetingPlay app allows your business or company to be at the core of communication and networking.

2.) Push Notifications

Push Notifications for Internship App Program

Want to reach out to all of your interns in a notice? Have an immediate update of information or message that needs to be shared? Push notifications through MeetingPlay’s mobile event app can help you reach all of your interns that download the mobile app – regardless if they are currently engaging within the app or not, push notifications will show up across their mobile phones - letting college internship businesses and companies know eyes saw the message.

3.) Gamification

Gamification for Internship App Program

MeetingPlay’s mobile event app – the best mobile event app in the industry – doesn’t just provide opportunities for companies and businesses with internships to communicate with their interns – it provides a way to make it fun. Through unique and engaging scoring and leadership opportunities – MeetingPlay’s custom event app allows your company or business to encourage engagement throughout the entire internship

4.) Real Time Analytics and Reporting

Real Time Analytics and Reporting for Internship App Program

There’s no need to question how many interns interacted with your custom event app by MeetingPlay or to wonder how often they opened the app, engaged with the mobile event app, or any other concern. With MeetingPlay’s real-time analytics and industry best reporting, companies and businesses can know how often interns are engaging with their summer intern app. Your company or business can understand when interns are engaging most often, what they are engaging most with inside of your app – whether it be gamification, social networking, messaging, agendas or schedules, and more. MeetingPlay’s custom app for your company or business’ internship program will take the guessing and waiting out and replace it with data and statistics to know and understand how to better encourage and engage with your interns before the summers over!

5.) Calendar

Calendar for Internship App Program

MeetingPlay’s interactive and adjustable calendar and agendas for your internship app allows businesses and companies to inform and generate awareness from day 1. Whether your plan your entire summer internship’s agenda or calendar from day 1 and have no changes – or you suddenly need to make last minute changes to the calendar, or update a specific day’s agenda – the MeetingPlay app platform allows your company or business to do just that.

6.) All-in-One App

All-in-One App for Internship App Program

Why does all of this matter? Because college students are looking for an easy route. They want to check their email, engage with others, stay informed and aware of the day/week/month of their internship. Summer interns want to go have one place to go and check all of this information and by having an event app for your business or company summer internship program- you are meeting your interns where they are. You are providing a way for them to receive the information they want and need – while being able to measure and track what they are seeing and engaging with to better help you reach them today and tomorrow.

 MeetingPlay has an app for your business or company that will help you engage, motivate, and interact with your summer interns. The MeetingPlay app platform is fully customized to match your brand and reflect your company or business. Yet, most importantly, our custom mobile event app will help you not just engage and interact (and understand) your summer interns – it can help you attract the types of interns you desire most for your summer internship program by showing how technology and millennial friendly your company or business. As they once said – you’ll be making your business or company summer internship program look like the ”cat’s pajamas”.

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