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6 Must Have Apps for #Eventprofs

Blair Pettrey

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There’s no denying – being an event professional is more than a full time gig! You’re constantly thinking, planning, and doing. Around the clock. And that means whether you’re in your office, on the road, or at an event – our trusty small hand held device – aka a mobile phone – quite often becomes our office away from our office. Here’s the must have apps for any #Eventprof !

 1.) Evernote

Apps for Event Professionals: Evernote

 Everyone takes notes – and everyone loses notes. Whether it’s a to do list the size of Montana or a post-it note, this amazing app keeps you informed! With synchronization across platforms – no matter where you wrote the original note, you can pull it up from any other attached device!

2.) Slack

Apps for Event Professionals: Slack

Slack is your office messaging system. So whether you’re on the road, working from home, or in the office, getting in touch with your coworkers is no hassle.

3.) Calendar

Apps for Event Professionals: Calendar

There’s a multitude of solutions when it comes to calendar apps for both Android and iPhone. We personally love the calendar app that comes with iPhone – which sync’s with our Microsoft exchange calendar. But Google has a great calendar app and desktop sync too – as well as others. Regardless of what your preference is, a calendar app on your phone is a must if you’re an event professional!

 4.) TripIt

Apps for Event Professionals: TripIt

Plan all of your travel itinerary and keep track of it in one simple place. From hotel accommodations, flight itineraries, and even your Uber receipts – TripIt keeps your trip planning easy, together in one place for quick finds!

 5.) Battery Doctor

Apps for Event Professionals: Battery Doctor

 Available for both iPhone & Android devices – battery doctor saves your cellphones power, extending the life of your phone between charges. There’s nothing worse than walking into an important event or running into a great networking opportunity where you want to exchange information – and your phone’s about to die. Battery Doctor helps prolong your mobile phone’s life – saving the amount of worry or constantly checking to make sure you have enough juice!

 6.) MeetingPlay

Apps for Event Professionals: MeetingPlay

Having the highest adoption rate of event apps in the industry – there’s no reason event professionals love MeetingPlay’s custom app platform for event apps and conference apps. From driving engagement, before – during – and after your event, encouraging networking, real time analytics, social integration, live polling and oh so much more – the MeetingPlay app is a must for any event professional needing a mobile event app or conference app!