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6 Lessons #EventProfs can Learn from Presidential Elections

Blair Pettrey

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Being an event professional doesn’t just mean showing up to the event, and executing onsite event engagement. Every event professional knows that the amount of hard work and dedication that goes into planning, executing and concluding an event (that whole before, during, and post-event engagement thing we talk about so oft).

At MeetingPlay we tend to be pretty hands off when it comes to election chatter, unless it’s in reference to who makes the best chocolate chip cookies. (We have a real live COO who will gladly taste test the best!). However, with the upcoming election, there are 6 important lessons every event professional can learn:

1. Don’t Forget Engagement!

When it comes to events, attendee engagement is everything. Yet it’s almost as though the presidential election is the only event where it is acceptable to not have engagement.

What is event engagement? Engagement happens at every aspect of events – before, during and after, and it’s important to continue to build and leverage the engagement of event attendees. MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps help increase engagement in a multitude of ways including social interactions, photo and message walls (and onsite social walls for events!), live polling and audience response systems and more.

2. Make it Interactive

For events that aren’t strictly presidential, and craving an even more interactive engagement opportunity, solutions like throwable microphones can help increase attendee engagement, such as CatchBox, and Peeq’s soon to be launched Qball.

Additionally, MeetingPlay’s live polling and audience response systems are another great way to drive engagement through interaction. By allowing speakers to ask event attendees polling questions that results can then be shared in real time on the speaker’s presentation power point, helps not only increase engagement, but it helps event attendees feel connected and as though their opinion matters.

3. Make it Social

Event Hashtags: We’ve shared the importance of incorporating an easy to remember and short event hashtag when it comes to events. In brief however, hashtags can be a great way for event attendees to feel connected and engaged with events, follow the latest updates, share their excitement prior to the event, showcase their photos during the event, and connect with event attendees after the event.

Mobile Event App Adoption: Another great part about social media is the awareness and push event professionals can give when it comes to promoting their mobile event app. Attendees who download event apps prior to the event often times feel more connected and engaged, and with MeetingPlay’s personalized algorithm, they are able to experience an even more relevant and engaging experience with both the event app, and the event in general.

4. Real Time Reporting & Analytics

There’s no better way to avoid any event mishap, than to be prepared. However, being able to see in real time, and track attendee engagement is a tool that has proven to be quite valuable not just for event professionals and their events, but the entire presidential election process. Live event analytics and reporting is a no brainer for any event!

5. Branding & Personalization

Just like Trump never wanted to be asked why he was wearing a blue tie, no one should question why your mobile event app isn’t a reflection of your event or business brand. Customization that matches events branding, builds trust and confidence for event attendees when they utilize their mobile event apps.

Taking it a step beyond, MeetingPlay’s proprietary algorithm learns the interests and habits of event attendees and how they engage within their mobile event apps, creating a more unique and customized experience – providing the most accurate information, at the right time, every time.

6. Make it Fun

There’s nothing more boring or yawn worthy than attending a boring event. (Perhaps that’s why presidential debates are so ‘lively’).  As far as the rest of events that don’t involve that historic ‘just listen ‘attendee, gamification is a great way to make events fun and engaging.

What is event gamification? Gamification can be anything from actual games – such as attendee bingo, an event scavenger hunt, or an icebreaker game like 2 truths and 1 lie, to gamifying a more traditional component by adding points (or game like elements) to traditional event tasks. 

Whether it’s including a leader board within your event app and allowing event attendees to earn points by checking in at various locations, or it’s awarding the most voted for event photo within in the event app – don’t forget to make events fun and engaging through event gamification.

In Conclusion

There is no denying that event attendees want to feel as though they are not just being taught, but that they are being part of the events that they attend. This desire for a personalized experience from every single attendee at events is exactly why event engagement is so important. MeetingPlay’s event technology platform will always be there to support and help engage your next event.

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