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6 Custom Features Attendees Want from Your Mobile Event App

Blair Pettrey

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Every event attendee has specific needs and desires they want from their event's mobile app, if they are going to adopt and use it - and MeetingPlay prides ourselves on our level of customization and personilization available to event professionals needing industry leading event apps with these features. There are six key features that event attendees want the most, and we're helping #eventprofs today by sharing them! 

  1. Networking

Every attendee at your event or conference wants to take away one major opportunity –  networking. Whether it’s finding the next big lead – or the next big advancement – networking is key, and your mobile event app needs to be at the core of attendee networking capabilities. User to user messaging should be a core component of your event app.

  1. Information

Attendees want to know about your event. From meeting descriptions, speaker bios, or the hot spots to grab dinner and drinks close by – attendees are information seekers. Whether it’s at the event, before the event, after a day of meetings – your event mobile app needs to provide the information that they will seek and desire, to keep them engaged.

  1. Sponsor and Vendor Awareness

Providing sponsor and vendor information allows you to keep attendees on site and informed. You are allowing sponsors and vendors a way to excite and motivate attendees by presenting their value before the event, and during the event. Increased awareness brings increased engagement at your next event or conference, and before (and after), through your mobile event app.

  1. Maps

There’s no need for bugging concierge or looking like a fool – simply have your event location on your app. Problem solved!

  1. Event Schedule and Agendas

Whether it’s being aware of the hour by hour components of your next event or conference – or wanting to allow attendees to customize their agendas based on speakers, seminars, break outs, etc – having event schedules and customizable agendas on your mobile event app is essential!

  1. Notifications and Updates

The most important aspect of any mobile event app is the opportunity to send immediate alerts and notifications. Whether it’s a flash opportunity to visit a sponsor or vendor booth – or to grab happy hour drinks at the on site restaurant – or it is a last minute speaker time change. Push notifications / updates are absolutely essential for your next event’s mobile app.

  MeetingPlay helps your event have a fully custom branded and personalized event app. From our proprietary algorithms that define and showcase content based on user experience – to reporting the exact results you as an event planner want to know after an event, MeetingPlay helps optimize and provide the exact results you want from your event’s mobile app.

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