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5 Ways #EventProfs Can Keep Up With the Joneses (Aka Be Successful)

Blair Pettrey

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The job of an event professional changes day in and day out: the duties, the goals, the objectives, the requirements, the expectations, how you measure ROI, what is valuable, what is yesterday's history... the list goes on and on.

However, there are many tactics that every event professional and event planner can implement to ensure that their career and their events are always successful. 

1. Always Be Learning

Event Pros Ways: Always Be LearningWhile ten years ago, 'always be learning' might have meant a huge investment, in 2017 with the multitude of free and budget friendly resources available for event professionals - there is no excuse to not be consistently learning and growing.

Blogs, eBooks, conferences, the list goes on and on - but continuing to learn and grow as an event professional not only builds personal development but will help build event success as well.

Get Started: MeetingPlay's blog, Event Manager Blog, Hubspot Inbound Marketing Blog, LinkedIn Groups for event professionals, Lynda & Coursea classes, as well as local adult education classes or business development programs in your city/county.

2. Get Connected - Build Relationships

Event Pros Ways: Get ConnectedEven the best of event marketers and professionals know that that relationship must be built - both online and off.  Building relationships and getting connected with fellow event professionals as well as other business professionals helps to build a reputation for trust and expertise. 

Get Started: LinkedIn is a great way to meet and build connections with fellow event professionals across the country (and a world). Local connections can be built by becoming active in the community whether it's joining a community board, a local BNI, or other local professionals group.

3. Define AND Know Your Market/Audience

Event Pros Ways: Define Market/AudienceEvent marketers hear it all the time - "know your audience," "know your personas," "know your audience." But this expansion goes beyond just knowing; it's a matter of being able to define, understand and attract your audience. 

Get Started: There are multiple resources available to help event professionals, event marketers, and meeting planners to help define their target personas and audience/attendees. Tools include Hubspot's "Make My Persona" Webpage FX's "Persona Generator" and "Up Close and Persona". 

4. Be Prepared (plan ahead!)

Event Pros Ways: Be PreparedWith great success comes great preparation - something that every event professional can attest to. "Be Prepared... the meaning of the motto is that a scout must prepare himself by previous thinking out and practicing how to act on any accident or emergency so that he is never taken by surprise. "

Surprises are always going to happen when it comes to the world of events - things that no matter how hard one prepares for, are still going to arise. But with proper preparation, the unexpected becomes but tiny matters compared to what could have gone wrong. Always Plan Ahead!

Get Started: There are a multitude of solutions for event planners and meeting planners preparing events online. We've shared "15 Things to Remember When Planning Your Event", and Mashable has a great article, '6 expert tips for planning a hitch-free event'. 

5. Love Your Job!!! (emphasis on the !!!)

 The age old idiom for any career that one is in 'love it or leave it', rings true especially in the events industry. While there are multiple reasons this idiom rings true, two ring loudest.

1. Vibes: 

Event Pros Ways: VibesWhen you're not in love with your job, you're not going to be in love with what you do. Your negative energy effects those who you work with, your ability to be full potential productive, and most importantly, in the world of events, it means that events aren't going to be as successful as they could have been.

At MeetingPlay, we pride ourselves on being a group of talented, fun, but truly dedicated and focused individuals. Individuals that bring positive vibes and energy, so at the end of the day our collaborative efforts contribute to the success of every event we are part of.

2. Devotion

Event Pros Ways: Devotion

Similar to what we shared about the energy you bring to your job and those around you (including your events) when you love your job - you are far more willing to show devotion.

In the events world, every event professional, event planner, meeting planner, and everyone else on the spectrum knows one very particular thing that differentiates this industry from any other - the hours we work. (Read more: 3 Ways #EventProfs Are a Little Bit Crazy). If you're not in love with your job, you won't be nearly as apt to make sure that events across the world are going smoothly when it's 2am where you live. If you're not entirely devoted to the company you represent, you're not going to be willing to do the multitude of tasks, duties and expectations that come with the title of 'event professional'. Devotion is necessary!

 Get Started: If you need to take a 'career happiness quiz,' perhaps you already know the answer to the question. However, just in case, Triangle of Happiness, has a high aptitude of happiness in your career test. 

In Conclusion

As event professionals - devotion, growth, preparedness and awareness are essential to the success of every event we produce.

If you're happy, just not satisfied, consider tip #1 and increase your awareness and knowledge. By continuing to grow as event professionals - we not only pave the way for better events, we also pave the way for personal success. 

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