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5 Things to Remember When Planning an Event

Blair Pettrey

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Just like in chess - planning an event needs to be calculated, and planned. No event should just be done on a whim - well, unless you're WHIM Events- but we're pretty sure they mean something completely different by 'whim'. With everything you have to do - here's the 5 essential things you need to remember when planning any event!

1. The Goal of Your Event

What is the purpose of your event? What do you hope to take away from the event? Do you want to drive among st current professionals in your association? Are you looking to build awareness around your brand or topic? Are you looking at the bigger picture and how you can generate revenue through sponsorships and endorsements? What is the ultimate GOAL of your next event as an event planner?

2. Spread the Word

How do you plan to spread the word? Have you had an event in the past and plan to target those who have attended past events? Are you active on social media? Do you plan to do paid marketing efforts whether online or offline? How do you plan to grow the audience and spread awareness of your next event?

3. Be Unique

Whether you plan on having scuba divers live at your next event, or you intend to provide unique networking opportunities that no other event in your industry has – how do you plan to separate your event from the rest? How do you plan to keep attendees WOW’d and not yawning?

4. Where Does Your Help Come From?

Are you planning to leverage current employees to help make this next event a success, or are you planning to hire outside resources? From event preparations including table layout and set up, agenda design and event speakers and/or keynotes, to meeting closing events – oh and the actual engagement and context of contact between every attendee before – during – and after your event à knowing who and where your help is coming from is one of the most important tasks on your next event check list.

5. How Will You ENGAGE Your Attendees?

We’re not just talking during the event… how will you excite your audience before your next event with the type of unique opportunity and engagement you provide them. How will you engage them during your event? Will you have life polls (Automated Response System). Will you have gamification? Will you include specific opportunities for during event networking? How will you continue you to delight your attendees after the event through engagement?

 (PRO TIP - Learn what event engagement is here. Learn how to engage your audience before your event here. Learn how to engage your event attendees during your event here. Learn how to keep up the hype and engage your event attendees after your event here.)

 MeetingPlay offers opportunities to engage and delight your attendees – before, during and after your event. We also offer opportunities to know exactly what worked and what didn’t – opportunities for pre-event marketing through our content driven email registration app, and opportunities to continue to delight through our post event engagement app. What’s best – we allow you to track, measure, and see the results of these opportunities through our industry best analytics reporting. 

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