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5 Reasons Your Event NEEDS a Mobile App!

Blair Pettrey

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The amount of information an event or conference attendee engages with pre-event, during the event, and after the event, is, as you know, a lot. During any regular event, attendees can engage with maps, networking, agendas, speaker bios, breakout sessions, and so much more! In addition to providing a custom all-in-one event app that serves as an information resource, mobile event apps need to meet and exceed event engagement expectations. Here are 5 more reasons your event needs a mobile app!

1. Pre-Event Engagement

Mobile event apps aren’t just for during the actual event. Engage with your conference audience before they set foot at your next event! Your mobile event app can gather attendee information, let them view and sign up for different seminars, network with other attendees, get updated outlines and news, etc. A good mobile event app encourages a conversation before the first face-to-face occurrence.

2. Last Minute Change? No Problem.

Mobile event apps can be changed instantaneously. Whether the speaker is going to be 10 minutes late and you need to send out a push notification to attendees or if you’re 2 days before the event and a line change has to take place; there’s no costly (or timely) worry, just update your app!

3. Track Analytics

How many network connections were built? What were attendee’s interests? Having a mobile event app at your next event allows you to know exactly what and how attendees engaged with your event - and your app!

4. Save A Tree. Use An App.

Save money (and trees!) by eliminating the need for as many marketing and event materials. You can showcase sponsors, have a map, and an agenda all on your app. The list goes on. Not only will your attendees engage more, but the trees will thank you!

5. Stand out from the Rest

Showcase your conference's uniqueness and innovation by having an event app. Trail ahead before your competition, by showcasing your technology, including a personalized, branded mobile event app.

Whether you're sending an email update to the boss, checking social media sites, uploading a photo, or just taking notes, odds are, your attendees are going to be on their phones while at your next event or conference. Having a mobile event app at your event or conference engages with your attendees where they are, instead of distracting them from where they aren’t.

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