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5 Characteristics of a Terrible Mobile Event App

Blair Pettrey

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Event professionals - there's a lot to consider when building an event app to ensure that it will be useful for your attendees. Pitfalls to avoid are an app with no defined purpose to start, one that is overly generic, or fails to reflect your event or company branding (Did you know custom event apps have an 80% increased adoption rate over generic event apps).  

Don't make the mistake of having a terrible mobile event app! 

Here are some suggestions to help you avoid making these mistakes:

1. Focus on the goals of your event

Event apps must have a purpose (and it shouldn't be just 'to have an app'.) Your app can help you organize and disseminate important content to your attendees and it can help enhance the overall event experience. Whether it's to build more meaningful, worthwhile connections between attendees or enhancing experiences through gamification - defining the purpose of event apps is step number one. Start with discussing your event goals to determine how an event app can help support those goals.

2. Don't lose sight of the attendee experience

Make sure your event app is crafting unique experiences for the attendee by looking for ways to personalize the experience for your attendees. Your app can help! For example, you can personalize the agenda that each attendee sees by showing them only the agenda they've designed, rather than having them scroll through all activities at the event, including those they are not attending. Take a look at this ebook on event personalization with 25 ways to personalize your event – from before your event begins, once attendees are onsite, even after it ends.

3. Customize the app experience

Be unique with the features and information available within your event app and usage and adoption will increase. If you're not sure how to get started, check out this ebook we developed around customizing your event app, there are suggestions here on how to think about features related to the type of event you are planning. 

4. Bring your brand to life

Don't forget to reflect your brand. Your event app should be an extension of your brand by incorporating logos, colors, and designs that match your company identity.

5. Think about what your attendees want

Networking is a big deal at your events. Your attendees, vendors, sponsors, and presenters want to network and create valuable connections with each other. And it’s your job as an event planner to make networking easier. Thankfully, nothing helps you get the ball rolling like technology and a mobile event app. Make sure your apps should provides custom networking and matchmaking opportunities between attendees.

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