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4 Tips for Generating Event Website Traffic - AKA SEO tips for #EventProfs

Blair Pettrey

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There’s no denying event professionals wear many hats – including website expert. Even if you’re not tasked with designing your website as an event planner, odds are, you’re expected to get traffic to your website (with hopes of turning that traffic into potential event attendees!).

What is SEO you ask? SEO – Search Engine Optimization. It’s what Google (and its minor league competitors like Bing and Yahoo) base their algorithms off of – thus where your website ‘ranks’ for certain keywords.

What is a keyword? Your event might be an exclusive event for judges, thus you would want people searching for “Judge Conferences” or “judge seminars” to find your events website. A long tail version of this example might be “Seminars for judges who need continuing education credits”. Your goal as an event planner (and an “SEO Expert” hat wearer) is to rank for those who would be searching for your type of event.

And today, MeetingPlay is here to save the day! We’ll talk about converting traffic into attendees in a later post – but today, MeetingPlay – Your mobile event app – is  sharing with you 4 tips to get traffic to your website.

 1.)Utilize Hashtags

It seems our go to suggestion for everything is to utilize hashtags – but the truth is, the benefits of hashtags that are seen, is great! We talked about using hashtags for post event engagement here. We talked about using hashtags for pre-event engagement here. We also talked about hashtags for during event engagement here. We even talked about the coolness factor of implementing hashtags with social walls at your events here. The truth is though – high quality hashtags will be seen – if you share them appropriately (and with quality content). Want to get some eyeballs on the hashtag? Tag other relevant hashtags with your events hashtag. Need to know what hashtags are high volume, relevant and good to include? Try

 2.)Write Great Content

There’s a great saying among SEO and digital marketers – "if Content is king, distribution is queen". By sharing relevant, high quality content in regards to your event (and specific to your event attendee’s industries); the odds of that content being shared, is high. Don’t just write for “Google” – write for your audience; and encourage your audience – (aka your attendees)- to share your content as well.

 3.)Make it Easy

Writing content is great – writing GREAT content is even better. But we live in a time where folks are lazy – let’s be realistic! Even the best of content might not be shared if it’s not easily shared. Make it easy for your website’s users and viewers to share and distribute your content- makes it easy to promote your site across social channels – as well as making it easy for those who land on your page, to share it across their own channels!  

 4.)Track Your Traffic

Google offers two great resources for measuring and tracking your websites viewers –Google Analytics and Google Search Console. With Google Analytics you can track and measure who is landing on your page with regards to demographics like age, gender, location, and more. Additionally you can see how they found your page, how long they stayed on your page – how quickly they ‘bounced’ (i.e. left your page), or if they stayed around and clicked on other links on your event’s website. Google’s Search Console can help you identify what keywords helped people land on your page, as well as resources for optimizing your page, asking Google to crawl (include your page in it’s index), and more.

 While there are many tips and tools you can use to optimize your event’s website or landing page, these 4 will help you gain, optimize, and measure results of traffic to your event website today.

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