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Event App Adoption - 4 Tips For Boosting Your Event's App Adoption Rate

Blair Pettrey

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What's hotter than Beyoncé's 'Formation'?

Your Event’s Mobile App.

 But how do you convince your events attendees not only that they should download and engage with your event's mobile app - but they NEED to?  We'll we've got 4 tips to help you get your attendees on board to adopting your events app- and you one step closer to showcasing your event!

1.) Early Adopters

There’s no better cheerleaders (and example of what should be event app engagement) than you and your team. Encourage your team to sign up and start engaging in the app. Pass the memo on to your speakers, sponsors and vendors. The more active engagement from the beginning – the more event attendees will see the app and want to engage and continue the conversations and app excitement.

2.) Utilize a Hashtag

I know – we’re talking about it again, an event hashtag. We talked about the importance of hashtags for your pre-event engagement, hereWe talked about the cool factor of hashtag integration with your event social walls here. And odds are - we'll talk about the importance of hashtags for your event app in the future. In the mean time, however,  the importance of a hashtag is universal for your event – and it doesn’t stop with helping to get your event attendees on board with downloading and engaging with your event app. The more you promote your event with a hashtag – the more engagement you build around your event – the more opportunity you have to push and promote your event’s app!

3.) A Pictures Worth a 1,000 Words

They say if a pictures worth a thousand words, a videos worth a thousand more. There’s no better way to your event attendees on board then showing them real examples – through photos and videos – of your event app in use. Excite your potential app adoptees – show them why your app is cool – what it can provide event attendees at the event – how much it can take the hassle out of things – and more. The possibilities are endless – but don’t just say it, show it!

4.) Integrate it!

When it comes to your event – integrate your app into as many things as possible. Utilize live polling/ audience response system with your app – meaning attendees have to have the app downloaded to engage. Offer pre-event exclusive contents and promotions, that only event attendees who have downloaded the app will know about (or at least the first to know about). Keep up the hype and buzz after your event, by integrating surveys that attendees can respond to on the app. Integration is a key component of event app adoption – before, during, and after your event!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to your events mobile app – and getting event attendees to adopt and engage with your app. But no matter what you do – you must share and promote your app. You can’t expect your app to be successful unless you are willing to share why it should be successful (thus known!).

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