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4 (more) Features Your Event App Needs

Blair Pettrey

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Planning a professional conference or event is full of nuances and can feel like the conference or event is often over before the planning even begins.  With all the details, it is just as easy to plan the disaster of the year as it is to hit a home run.  From networking to advertising, business cards to information packets, and social media to customer service, event professionals need to delicately balance corporate success and attendee engagement for a truly outstanding event.  MeetingPlay, with its array of sharp, cutting edge in-app features, will help you hit your event out of the park. 

Here are four features you can’t live without for your next event:

1.) Social Activity

We've talked about the importance of social activity quite often, mostly the importance of hashtags for events. But - social activity is the number one way to interact with your attendees pre-event, and a great place to get their feedback during and post-event.  No more endless website updates and note taking.  MeetingPlay features conversation walls, photo galleries, direct messaging, attendee profiles, and social network linkups.  This offers a great opportunity for attendees to find one another and link with people with similar interests and spread the work about the incredible conference they are attending, as well as stands as a great tool for the host and vendors to collect data from the attendees.

2.) Attendee Engagement

We talk about event engagement all the time - we know! Yet it's that important! Hands-on engagement trumps hours of listening to keynote speakers without rest.  Break up the talks by involving your attendees with fully customized interactive questions, quizzes, and surveys, real-time polls, and gamification.  Everyone loves to earn points and win incentives!

3.) Sponsor-Attendee Relationships

Sponsors are a key player in making your event possible, and MeetingPlay has devised ways to incentivize both sponsors and the attendees.  Forget high printing costs and endless paper cuts stuffing manila envelopes with vendor lists, profiles, and deals at local businesses.  An in-app page and profile allow sponsors an event-specific website on the go, featuring product information, videos, and more to entice attendees.  Sponsors can easily manage their possible leads by scanning the attendee’s QR code and then taking notes, ranking them, or connecting with their LinkedIn profile.  This is an excellent way to reward your sponsors through expanding their clientele or even possible team members!

4.) iBeacon Technology

When strategically placed at your event, MeetingPlay’s use of iBeacon location-based technology can enhance your attendees’ experience three-fold.  In-app pop-up notifications let your attendees know where they are, where the meetings are, who the vendors are, and welcome them as they enter a room!  Additionally, it can be used in registration, data collection, networking, gamification, and even to offer coupons or deals right under their nose.  It’s like a personal concierge in the attendee’s pocket throughout the entire event!


At your next event, ditch the long lines at registration tables, bins of attendee packets, and hundreds of hours of planning in spreadsheets, mapping out your event, and updating websites.  Let MeetingPlay’s sharp and smart technology guide your event to success using our event tools that are intuitive to today’s standards!

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