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4 Mobile Event App Features Rocking the World of Events!

Blair Pettrey

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October is a season of change. It’s officially Fall – the leaves have begun to fall, the temperature cool, and fans’ minds shift from baseball to football.

At MeetingPlay, we are always working hard to empower event professionals with the technology solutions we create. And with the season change comes many new, exciting features that MeetingPlay is offering.

1. Augmented Reality

Event App Augmented RealityRecently in a meeting, MeetingPlay’s CEO, Joe Schwinger, reminded the team how powerful augmented reality is, especially as part of event technology. “Augmented reality is a lens into seeing something that others can’t,” he said.

MeetingPlay’s development team has been working hard to create this amazing experience as a feature, and we’re pleased to share we recently developed an amazing AR experience for a client and are excited about soon offering it to all clients.

Our client was launching a new line of products and wanted to offer a dynamic new way for attendees to absorb information about the products. As our CEO said in the meeting - our client created an exceptional view and experience, in a new hip and exclusive way. Attendees were able to experience the launch of the new products in plain sight, that others couldn't, thanks to the wonders of augmented reality!

Augmented reality creates an opportunity surpassing attendee’s expectations – truly delighting them and creating a “WOW” experience. At MeetingPlay, we have been helping our clients engage their event attendees with augmented reality focused gamification, showcasing products and ideas, personalizing experiences, and more. (Want to learn more about what augmented reality can do for your event, drop us a line!)

2. Fast Pass 

Event App Fast PassThe headaches and nuances of waiting in line are real – whether you’re at Disney World or at an event. But MeetingPlay has developed a feature that helps meeting and event professionals expedite the registration process for every single attendee at their events.

Fast Pass kiosks are part of MeetingPlay's complete onsite registration experience and are a link within the mobile event app navigation to an attendee's registration QR code. This QR code can then be scanned when an attendee arrives on site at a fast pass kiosk. The attendee can then make last minute changes such as name or title, ensuring the most accurate information is printed, in a speedy onsite experience to check-in.

The fast pass QR code can also be saved to an attendee’s Apple Wallet, should they have iOS, creating even more convenient access.

3. Wearable Beacons with Networking/Matchmaking Algorithms

Event App Wearable BeaconsMeetingPlay introduced wearable beacons previously for clients; and we're happy to have been utilizing our completely revamped and revised networking and matchmaking algorithm.

Our wearable beacons provide numerous opportunities for meeting and event attendees, including automated session check-ins and lead retrieval capabilities.

Even more impressive (and we really want to applaud our developers for this one!) is the unique matchmaking algorithm MeetingPlay has brought to the events industry.

This unique algorithm allows the attendees to connect prior to an event based on pre-defined information the event planner provides and then creates awareness to attendees when they are onsite.

If an event has 20k attendees, attendees don’t have to be overwhelmed with whom they should connect, both prior to the event and onsite.

MeetingPlay was proud to utilize this feature again for a recent event, allowing attendees to connect and interact in truly unique ways. With this algorithm, MeetingPlay helps connect attendees to those that make the most sense!

4. Live Meetings

Event App Live MeetingsLive Meetings by MeetingPlay provides meeting and event professionals the right tools and solutions for their attendees.

Imagine walking into an event, meeting or seminar and having a tablet that has been pre-loaded with exactly the content the speaker is about to present – allowing you to follow along, take notes, and then email the notes to yourself after the meeting.

Live Meetings by MeetingPlay creates exactly that reality!

Many events will benefit from Live Meetings – which provides the right tools, at the right time, to the right audience – without the distractions that our in-hand mobile devices may often create.

Live Meetings by MeetingPlay allows event professionals to make true last-minute changes to content (speaker change? Topic change? No problem!). Live Meetings also allows event professionals to share their meetings and events with attendees who may be away from the venue.

(No, we’re not kidding!) Live Meetings is completely revolutionizing the live meetings and virtual meetings technology industry. 

Want to learn more? Just give us a ring or drop us a line!


At MeetingPlay, we continue to provide treat after treat for event professionals.  October for us is an exciting month that shares many new treats as well as enhancing old ones – but don’t worry, there’s no spoiled chocolate inside. Happy October!