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33 Tips For Event Professional Success - MeetingPlay

Blair Pettrey

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Event professionals around the globe begin their ascent into the industry in a plethora of different ways. From 'always knowing' to 'being thrown in' - how an event professional becomes part of the industry is not as important as how determined and how successful one is in the industry. After all - events are depending on the professionals behind them, to ensure success! 

MeetingPlay shares 33 tips for #EventProfs to Grow Their Career:

1. Build Brand You

2. Your personal brand serves as your best protection against business factors you can’t control. - Dan Schawbel

3. Doing Your Job Well Is Not Enough

4. Who You Work For/Where You Work is Important

5. Execution Matters More Than Plans or Advice

6.  Not every job needs to address all of your passions. Use every job as an opportunity to learn something new and keep an open mind; you may find that you really enjoy something you never imagined would appeal to you. Miriam Salpeter

7. Work harder than everyone under you or above you. Nothing commands respect more than a good work ethic. This means being the first one at the event in the morning and the last one to leave in the evening. No one said this gig was easy. Keith Johnston

8. Always Keep Learning

You have to always keep learning. What was once delegated to the role of a consultant is knowledge that sets you apart. Kyle Hillman

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9.You can’t accomplish what you don’t start.

10. Spend at least an hour a week with your network. This is the practical application of staying in touch with people, being a friend and helping each other. One wise colleague once told me she blocked 30 minutes every day to check in with her network, which she described as the most valuable and enjoyable asset of her career.

11. Measure. Analyze. Life. Career. All.

12. Start your own website to centralize your work profile. You need a single place where you can store everything you accomplish and that should be a website under your name ( By doing this, you can easily refer others to your work, whether it be hiring managers or for freelance projects. As you grow and develop your career, add new projects, education, skills and examples of your work to your website. Your website is a living, breathing resume that is always available to people even when you’re asleep.

13. You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. Steve Jobs

14. ‘Make a blueprint. Alter it as necessary.'

15. Do great work and promote the hell out of it. - Derek Halpern 

The best business advice I ever received came from a simple quote Halpern said, ‘next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing.’ Right now, we live in an overcrowded world, and if you’re not out there promoting yourself, you’ll NEVER make an impact. That’s why this quote is so important. Do good work and promote the heck out of it.

16. There is no straight path to where you are going.

Careers are not ladders but jungle gyms, you don't have to have it all figured out. - Pattie Sellers

17. Don’t be an idiot. - Michael Scott

18. How long are you going to spend learning about the game before you start playing? You learn more while playing.

19. Good times or bad - face the truth. 

20. Take care of your job and your career will take care of itself. - Brad Shaw

21. No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team. — Reid Hoffman

22. DWYSYWD - Do What You Said You Would DO

The quality that people admire most in their leaders is trustworthiness. You don't have to be right 100 percent of the time, but it counts that you show up, roll up your sleeves, and follow through. —Shannon Hatch

23. Write down a list of all the words you want people to say about you when you’re not around. Envision the words that people should utter after they hear about you, see you, talk to you or read about you. Some that come to mind: valuable, insightful, relentless, creative, supportive, indomitable, determined, thoughtful, caring, or bad ass? Then, choose three. Make them happen.


24. You can always improve. Be ready to break, fix, and rebuild. Always.

25. Hang out by the watercooler. Talk to strangers on the subway. Travel to where you’ve never been. You must find out what others are thinking.

26. In a new job, accept those first few invitations to lunch or happy hour. If you decline them, for whatever reason, they will stop, and you may find yourself an inadvertent outsider. - Laura Cooke

27. Read Books. Read More Books. Keep Reading Books.

28. Never look back in regret -- move on to the next thing.Richard Branson

29. A lack of planning can be costly, both professionally and existentially, while having an agenda provides a metric for evaluating your success.Mark Bartels

30.  Get a Mentor - Mentors provide new perspectives and better questions.

31. If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful after all. - Michelangelo

32.You will never feel 100% ready when an opportunity arises. So just do it.

33. In Conclusion, Value Your Talents!

The truth is, for event professionals, business owners, or career minded individuals in any industry - success is something that must come from a committed, focused, drive and a willingness to work hard. Work hard, and always be learning, and surround yourself with other event professionals who thrive on successful events - like MeetingPlay 😄.

P.S. Happy National Peach Cobbler Day 🍑 🍴

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