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26 Must Have Mobile Apps for Event Professionals

Blair Pettrey

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If there is one industry that contains a plethora of professionals constantly on the move, it is the events industry. Event professionals vary from mobile event app developers, to account managers, to event planners, to sales and marketing executives, audio/visual pros, event graphic designers, onsite event coordinators, and more. (Oh! So many more event professionals!)

In comScore’s 2017 Cross Platform Future in Focus report, they reported that the average American adult spends 2 hours, 51 minutes on their smartphone ­every single day.

For event professionals, however, that number is probably even much higher. Whether onsite for an event and need to interact with attendees via your event app, or check emails, or call a vendor, or the multitude of ways that industry professionals can stay connected to their home bases, clients, and more all through their mobile devices.

In the past, we’ve shared 29 Google Chrome Extensions for #EventProfs – and while MeetingPlay’s mobile event app can do quite a lot – we wanted to share our ‘other’ favorite apps for event professionals – aka 26 Apps Every #EventProf Needs to Install ASAP:

1. Tiny Scan

Tiny Scan Logo

Need to send a document, but don't have access to a printer?  Need to scan in multiple receipts from your event travels and costs? Tiny scanner uses the phone's camera to snap a picture, and convert to a scanned image.

2. Audible 

Audible logo

Flights to and from events can be long - and whether event professionals want to listen to a book 'on tape' (aka smartphone) that is educational and informative, or just something to relax and decompress from - Audible is a great solution!

3. Slack

Slack logo

There are a lot of great ways to stay in touch with the team that doesn't involve email - and slack is one of the best. Create channels, send messages 1on1, share files, and more. This is a MeetingPlay favorite!

4. Splashtop Remote Desktop

Splash Top Remote Desktop logo

Despite 99% of the information meeting and event professionals need 'living in the cloud' - it happens at the worst of times - that one document or item we needed is only living on our desktop. No fear, Splashtop remote desktop lets event professionals connect with 'ar away devices' - whether laptop or desktop.

5. Sideline or Burner

Sideline or Burner logo

These apps give your phone a 'second line' for free. Don't want to give out your personal number to a client or venue? Sideline and Burner create private, free, numbers that connect to any smartphone, without having to have a second device.

6.Video Conferencing 

Video Conferencing logo

Whether you choose to use Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, Zoom or GoToMeeting, there are sometimes that when onsite or away from headquarters, that video is easier than text or phone. That's when a video conference app is a must have. 

7. Facebook Pages Manager (And other socials: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, etc.)

Facebook Pages Manager logo

It's important to have all of the social channels as apps that an event professional is using on their phone, and Facebook pages is no exception. Promoting events across social channels, answering potential attendees or vendor questions that are asked via social, and more. 

8. Canva 

Canva logo

Need to create a graphic for an event in a jiffy? Not a graphic designer? Canva makes graphic design easy, and fast, all from the event professionals smartphone. With thousands of pre-made designs and layouts (or custom make your own) Canva is great!

9. Waze 

Waze logo

Whether an event professional needs directions from the airport to the hotel, or they just want to make sure there are no unexpected traffic delays, Waze is the best GPS option! (Friendly reminders about speed traps or red light cameras doesn't hurt either...)

10. TapATalk

TapATalk logo

Have an important phone call and want to ensure that you don't miss a thing - record it! This free (and pro version) app lets you dial in a 3rd number, merge the calls, and voilà - the phone call is recording. No event professional can miss a beat of any phone call ever again!

11. Tinder

Tinder logo

Because there's no better time to swipe left or right then when in a new, exciting city. 😉

12. Amazon Music, iTunes, etc.

Amazon Music logo

What event professional wants to work out without music at the hotel venue gym? Or take a long flight without the soothing beats of U2 and Celine Dion? Event professionals can keep their favorite jams with them in a multiple of ways: iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora... the options are endless, as are the reasons music🎵is delightful.

13. Netflix

Netflix logo

Similar in tune(see what we did there?!?) - but all based on the event professionals preference (🎵 or 📺), Netflix is always with you, always there for you. 

14. SwiftKey

Swiftkey logo

Hands down, this keyboard is the best keyboard for smartphones, ever. Event professionals - install this time saving, brilliant predictive and easy to swipe or type keyboard. The proof is in the pudding:

SwiftKey event professional time saving tool

15. Venmo 

Venmo logo

A group of event professionals are out to dinner and wanting to split the check but don't want to be a hassle to the server? Venmo! Venmo allows users to easily, securely, and 'socially' exchange money.

16. Triller

Triller logo

Make your event look as amazing as it really is with this easy to use, professional quality giving, video creator & editor. Audio/Visual professionals not included.😆

17.Google Translate

Google Translate logo

For the event professionals who events onsite go beyond their native country borders... there's no reason to be confused when asking for the bathroom -Google Translate is here to save the day.

18. Android Pay/Apple Pay

Android pay logo

For the event professional who left their wallet in their hotel room - or simply doesn't want to keep track of one more item - Android Pay & Apple Pay let you store your credit cards in your phone - making it easy peasy to pull them out to pay!

19. Grubhub, UberEats

Grub Hub logo

No matter how delicious room service may be - or how amazing the food and beverage vendor you picked for tomorrow's event - there are times event professionals just want some good food, without leaving the comfort of their hotel room. Grubhub, UberEats, BeyondMenu and more - these handy food delivery apps will bring you the yummy food you crave when the actual restaurant doesn't offer delivery. 

20. iHandyLevel

iHandylevel logo

Because we all know event professionals take on a multitude of tasks and hats when onsite or venue hunting – make sure that kiosk frame or social media wall is level with iHandyLevel!

21. Bear/Evernote/OneNote

Bear logo

For on the fly, organizable and viewable notetaking on smartphones when event professionals are finally back in the office and want to view them from their computer.

22. Google Photos

Google Photos logo

Event professionals take photos… a lot of photos… and whether it’s Google Photos or iCloud – it’s essential to have an automated backup, in case something happens to the phone, or just in case you need the extra room to take… more photos. 🤳

23. Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator logo

Because let’s be honest… sometimes event professionals need to just ‘decompress’ and play funny, mindless games.

24. Facetune

Facetune logo

For the rare occasion event professionals may not look 100% - but the photo is too good not to share – touch it up a bit with this great, easy to use, face photo editor.

25. Safetrek

Safetrek logo

For event professionals in an area unknown to themselves, it’s best to just be safe – and Safetrek makes it incredibly easy to do so.

26. Lyft/Uber

Uber and Lyft Logos

Last but certainly not least, this one may be obvious but it's too good not to share - for when event professionals need a quick ride from the airport to the event venue - Lyft & Uber are by your side! (at least in most cities...)

In Conclusion

There's no denying that event professionals have ample options for productivity, success, de-stressing and more - all available at the fingertips of their smartphone devices. But when it comes to engagement, memorable experiences, and what was once a 'nice to have' and is now a 'must have' - MeetingPlay's mobile event apps are the perfect solution.

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