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2016 in Review: A Formal Statement from MeetingPlay CEO, Joe Schwinger

Blair Pettrey

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Every year as we plan for the next I am apt to think about the past and reflect on how MeetingPlay has performed. Since the inception of MeetingPlay we have always looked at our success as the success of two important people to us, our customers, and the family at MeetingPlay that we work with every day. Today I cannot be more proud of what MeetingPlay has accomplished in 2016. Our customers continue to love the innovation we bring to them and our family not only grew this year but we accomplished so much together.

Here are the highlights that I call our ‘2016 in review’:

We Invested in Our People

MeetingPlay is made up of the greatest talents the event and mobile space can offer. We carefully select people that have a passion for our industry and passion for driving innovation for our customers. This year we invested in our people to bring more resources to their tool set and more. When you have almost 0 turnovers you know that you’re doing things right. Our people make up MeetingPlay. 2017 will be a great year for MeetingPlay but even more celebrated for what we have in store for our family.

We Innovated for Our Customer

2016 was a breakout year for MeetingPlay pushing the boundaries of event technology.  Our Generation 3 platform introduced innovation far and above our competition with a mashup of personalization, proximity networking and social to create the most meaningful experiences at events. We launched our new product AppAtlas, the most advanced wayfinding tool in the hospitality market for the largest convention hotel company in the world.

We Grew

Most importantly 2016 was about growth and bringing our diverse platform to more marque customers. Mission Accomplished! MeetingPlay technology was in the hands of more than double that of 2015, and that’s just the beginning of our growth. In January, we will announce massive growth plans for 2017 – all to better serve our clients and to grow our customer base of loyal fans.

In Conclusion

2016- you have been good to us, and because of such MeetingPlay is stronger and more ready for the growth in 2017 more then we could have ever imagined. To all our customers, thank you for your support and trust in your business. To our family at MeetingPlay – thank you and rest up for a massive 2017.



Joe Schwinger, CEO