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2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Event Professionals

Blair Pettrey

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It’s that time of the year  - the one that even event planners don’t plan well enough for.  The season of giving! Avoid giving meaningless or useless gifts to the event professionals in your life with our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Event Professionals! (After all, event professionals can only have so many ‘planners’).

1. Everpurse - $198-$378


The Everpurse is the purse that every event professional wants. Not only do they have beautiful options (hello Kate Spade designs!), these purses have one amazing function for #eventprofs – they charge your phone! As they proclaim: “NO WIRES. NO WORRIES. THESE GORGEOUS HANDBAGS CHARGE YOUR IPHONE!”

2. External Battery for Mobile Phones, $99+


If your favorite event professional isn't one to carry a purse or satchel, then the obvious alternative is an external battery for their phones. Whether they have an Android or iPhone device - the options are endless. One of MeetingPlay's favorites is the built in iPhone battery case. Charging your phone is as easy as flipping a switch on your iPhone case - practical, instant and no extra wires needed when event professionals are needing to use their phones for their mobile event app!

3. Chiropractic/Orthopedic Seat Cushion, $15+


When not on-site at an event hustling and bustling or doing a venue inspection – there’s no doubt event professionals do a lot of planning from their office, seated in a chair. Gifting your favorite event professional with a chiropractic or orthopedic seat/back cushion for their office chair, can not only be a comforting solution to normal every day aches and pains of being in a chair so long – but it can also improve posture and health!

Check out the Vestibular Balance Disc – it is a great solution, encourages proper posture, and for less than $20 – heck yes!

4. Travel Pillow/Blanket, $35+


When we asked our account managers and travel directors what they, as event professionals, would want as a holiday gift - the chiming chorus of 'travel pillows and blankets' came in. When event professionals are on the road - or in the air - so oft, the go to travel pillow and blanket is a blessing in disguise and a gift any #eventprof would love! 

The comfy commuter may look pretty silly, but we're told it's pretty dang comfy! 

5. Massage or Spa Treatment, $55+


With the constant, hard work of event professionals, another easy and appreciated gift is a massage or spa treatment. Treat your favorite event professional to a deep tissue massage, an exfoliating facial, an aromatherapy accupuncture session, or other various spa sessions available locally to you. With options such as Massage Envy offering massages and spa facials starting at $55, this inexpensive gift can be quite the relaxing and appreciated gift for any event professional!

6. Netflix Subscription, $9+


Recently Netflix, the ever popular online movie and television show streaming service, announced that they will now offer their movies and television shows available for download. What does this mean for your favorite event professional? Well - gifting them with a Netflix subscription can mean they can download their favorite movies and tv shows and watch them on their tablets or laptops during those long airplane flights to and from events!

7. Organic Coffee & Tea Gift Basket, $30+

There's no denying that event professionals drink a lot of caffeine. Whether it's tea or coffee - highly quality, organic tea and coffee gift baskets are an easy and practical gift for your favorite event professional. Coffees and teas can be purchased locally from your favorite coffee shop, or for easy purchase & delivery solutions, you can buy  baskets online from a fair trade website such as 

 8. Engraved Pens, $29+ 

Giveaway 17 (2).jpg

Pens are a "still" an absolute necessary for every event professional. Whether it's taking notes in office or on site, pens are a 'hot commodity'. And every event professional has their favorite pen - where if it is lost or stolen - well 'HECK BEANS!' that is the dang worst thing to happen! Thus what's the best way to avoid those even pen hackers in life? Well by gifting your favorite event professional with engraved pens!  The options for engraved pens are limitless, and don't have to cost a fortune. Sites such as provide ample opportunities at an ease of cost for engravable pens for your favorite event professional!


9. Event Professional 'Emergency Kit', $40+


When on site, event professionals run into situations they never expect and experiences when they need tools they never knew. From screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters and scissors to tapes of all varieties - scotch, duct, gaffers and more - the ideal event professional 'emergency kit' includes it all. Everything that your favorite event professional would need while on site - and in a last minute circumstance. There are several DIY solutions and resources available online to what exactly is 'part' of the event professional emergency kit, including EventJuice, the Event Manager Blog, and Printsome.


In Conclusion

Whether your favorite event professional is in desperate need of screwdrivers and wire cutters (aka an emergency solutions kit for event professionals), or they are more desiring of coffee or engraved pens - the perfect gifts this 2016 holiday season for event professionals are not far out of reach. Yet what many event professionals would like most? An event registration, wayfinding and mobile event app that focus' on their events success - and MeetingPlay is here to offer exactly that. 

Mobile event apps aside however - make this year's holiday season a great one for every #eventprofs in your life with the above gifting solutions. Happy Holidays!