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Top 11 Ways to Monetize Your Event App

Blair Pettrey

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Here at MeetingPlay, because we provided dedicated account managers for our clients – we are able to discover early on if an event planner is utilizing and maximizing their event app in every way they should. Whether it’s making sure to promote and market their app to their potential event attendees prior to the event, encouraging continued engagement with the app after the event, or reviewing the industry leading pre, post, and real time analytics that our event app provides.

Yet, we often find that many event professionals – new or old – who have integrated mobile event apps into their meetings and events, often fail to realize how this clever tool (the event app) can also be a revenue generator.

Whether it’s providing sponsorship details, vendor alerts,  push notifications, or many other ways – the reality is, while investing in a mobile event app may be just that – an investment – it can be one that can quite easily show a valuable ROI as well.

To help anyone who is planning an event to learn how they too can maximize their event app ROI – we’ve created a free eBook: “11 Ways to Monetize Your Event App”.

Grab your free copy and learn how you can monetize your mobile event app.

how to monetize mobile event app