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Find your ideal leads with AI-powered matchmaking

Don't spend time searching for leads. Rate who you meet and instantly receive suggestions for prospects you'll want to talk to. Save time and money with MeetingPlay's next-generation lead retrieval system featuring ExactMatch technology.

Boost Your ROI

ExactMatch Technology

Ever wish you could have a way to find the best leads at a conference or convention? That's exactly what the AI-powered ExactMatch technology does. The smart algorithm learns your preferences to help you - in real time - find leads you should meet.

Experience the next-generation matchmaking assistant alongside other advanced lead retrieval features.

One Step Scanning

It's as easy as taking a simple picture. Just scan the person's QR code and you're set. You'll receive the lead's information in real time and have instant access to cutting-edge features like AI-powered ExactMatch recommendations and the integrated communication suite. Use one-step scanning on any iOS or Android device.

Scan and save lead information with your own device
Optional hand scanners are available
Access lead data in real time

Ratings and Qualifiers

Transform your event experience with MeetingPlay's new next-generation lead retrieval system featuring ExactMatch technology. Rate a lead and receive personalized recommendations instantly, thanks to the AI-powered system that uses a smart algorithm to learn what you're looking for. You can also prioritize hot leads and take notes on them. And with custom survey questions, you'll be able to further qualify leads and filter them after the event.

Leverage smart matchmaking to discover relevant leads in real time
Label leads and quickly take notes
Create unlimited survey questions to qualify and learn more about your leads

Communication Suite

You don't need to leave the app to reach out to leads or collaborate with your team. An integrated communication suite brings several tools together that help you save time. Send follow-up emails and text, calendar invites, and files to leads and prospects. Alert your sales team when a lead is hot. Take advantage of multiple effective and easy-to-use communication features.

Send emails, text, invites and files to leads and prospects
Notify your sales team of priority leads
View communication actions in a single menu

Simple Navigation

Some apps have extremely powerful features, but they're difficult to use. With MeetingPlay's easy-to-use app, you don't have to waste time trying to find functions or leads. A dashboard helps you view all your leads at a glance, and with the search function, you can find a lead in a few seconds. The overall interface is as intuitive as it is powerful.

Use the search functionality to find leads quickly
Track all leads with an at-a-glance dashboard
Enjoy an intuitive user interface

Real-Time Data Sync

There's only so much time you have to find leads at events, and your tools have to keep up. The information you have in MeetingPlay updates instantly, syncing everything in real time. That means you can make updates on the go and not have to worry about having the most recent information available. Your data will always be current.

Update information on the go
Lead information is available in real time
All data syncs instantly

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Management Suite

It's much more than an event app. MeetingPlay's next-generation lead retrieval system featuring ExactMatch technology helps you find more ideal leads, but how will you manage it all? The management suite helps you track all lead information, analyze the quantity and quality of your leads, and get a bird's-eye view of everything.

Access all of your information in one easy-to-use piece of technology. Harness cutting-edge tools that will help you take lead capturing and nurturing to the next level.

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