Who Is MeetingPlay

The Power of Meaningful Connections

Successful meetings are built upon meaningful connections formed before, during, and after the event. There is value in connecting attendees to each other as well as to the meeting content. There’s also value in connecting attendees to speakers, sponsors and exhibitors. Both drive attendance and revenue, which allow meeting planners to meet their goals.

MeetingPlay is in the business of helping forge these meaningful connections, so we’ve designed an app that enables them, all while delivering pertinent, sometimes changing content while at an event.

We know you are looking for ease-of-use; that’s why we adapt to the goals of your meeting, rather than giving you technology that you need to adapt around. Our objective is to deliver an app that’s easy to use on the front and back end, with features beyond your expectation.

wev've been in your shoes

We've Been in Your Shoes

Our founder and senior leaders came from the hotel industry, and we have certified meeting planners on staff. They know what makes for a successful event based on first hand experience. Technology is our passion, and with our hospitality expertise, we’re able to make the connection between how to utilize innovative technology for the best possible meeting experience.

We build meaningful connections with our customers so we can understand their specific needs and goals. Our team works with our clients to help them navigate through our different product features in order to deliver an app that best aligns with their meeting goals. And we’ll be with your pre- and post-event to make sure you have exactly what you need.